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Best of 2012


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Post your top ten from 2012 (uptempo/downtempo, the first gets 10 points, second 9 points and so on). If you won't rank your titles, everyone mentioned gets 5 points. You can edit your vote as much as you want to, but make it clearly visible through quoting or linking. I will count the votes from time to time and show the results in this first post. Agreed?


Let's see how/if the poll results change with time.

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my list hasn't changed much since then, but only due to the fact that i haven't listened to let's say 90% of the music mentioned in this forum






1. Anix Gleo - Fatum (Arkona Creation)

2. Para Halo - Beats & Pieces (Self-released)

3. Solar Fields - Random Friday (Ultimae Records)

4. Shiva Chandra - The Beauty Of Noise (Spintwist Records)

5. Escape Into - The Dream (Enlight Records)

6. VA - Enlight (Enlight Records)

7. VA - Transmissions (BMSS Records)

8. VA - Multi-Faith Mantra (Sangoma Records)




1. Kaminanda - Gateways Of Consciousness (Self-released)

2. Tron Sepia - Weird Fishes & Other Stories (Fish 'n Trips Records)

3. Easily Embarrassed - Different Dimensions (EE Records)

4. Globular - A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (Gliese 581c Records)

5. Soulacybin - Self-Existing Earth (Psyderweb Records)

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Mine stays the same except for one addition in first place:




1. Etnica - Live in Athens 1996

2. V/A - Flight 604 (Zion 604)

3. V/A - Shaltu (Suntrip Records)

4. Crossing Mind - The Inner Shift (Suntrip Records)

5. Mindsphere - Patience for Heaven (Suntrip Records)

6. Innershift - Innershift (Suntrip Records)


Actually maybe Shaltu and Crossing Mind could be interchangeable.

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  • 2 weeks later...

just for the record...


Mine stays the same but I add E-Mantra - Silence in downtempo.


UP ->


Perfect Stranger: Leap of Faith (Iboga)

Revolution (Prog on Syndicate)

Querox : How Life Goes On (Prog On Syndicate)

Space Elves : Terrestial Planet Finder (Dimensional)

Tech Tales II (Electric Power Pole)

Atmos : 604 (Iboga)

Back to the Mothership (Mighty Quinn)

Lubra Instints (Osom)

Kindzadza: Nano Ninja (Osom)

Hypogeo: Tree of Life (Zenon)


Down ->


Aes Dana: Pollen (Ultimae)

Sync 24: Comfortable Void (Ultimae)

Conundrum Concoction (Dark Prisma)

E-Mantra: Silence (Altar)

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