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Psychowave - Supernova Remixes EP

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Artist: Various

Title: Supernova Remixes EP

Label: Timewarp Records

Date: August, 2013


1. Supernova (PharaOm Collapsing Star Remix)

2. Supernova (Nova Fractal Remix)

3. Supernova (Lunar Dawn Old School Remix)

4. Supernova (Remix)



Can someone tell me the purpose of a remix? You, with the mismatched socks.


"Can I go to the restroom?"




The purpose of a remix is to take a familiar track and add a different perspective. Make changes while retaining what made it memorable in the first place. Some seem to believe it is to make carbon copies. I mean, why not...if it's a great track than one just like it should be great too, right?


Wrong. That's just being lazy and mooching off the success of the original artist. I'm not suggesting you crack open the piggy bank and hire Nicki Minaj...unless you want to stare at her boobies. Which is silly because that's why Al Gore invented the internet.


Nova Fractal (Renato Brnić) is heading up the Ovnimoon goa sublabel Timewarp Records and has made a nice splash in a short time. His 2 Cd compilation The Call of Goa was great as well as the release of his own material on Fractal Landscape. Lately it's been on the EP front. Supernova from Psychowave came out on his EP Sunshine Reborn 2 years ago. Good stuff surely.


And so is this. He does a good job at keeping the number of remixes small at 4. Any more and you risk the Salieri effect of too many notes. The remixers have all done remarkable stuff on their own and with this track have kept the original feel intact while making it different enough to enjoy. The PharaOm remix seems brighter and the tribal-esque vocal chant is a nice touch with the 303 bark. Lunar Dawn takes an already great track and stretched it out to epic proportions. It's goa through and through it today's style. Some will love it and some will not.


Could there have been more variety? Probably, but I'm pleased with it. The sound quality is rich and well done. Recommended.


Juno Download





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nono, just thought it was kinda funny you chose such a Hi res picture to use in a review at a forum :D


my android device didnt apreciate the lags you gave me and that it filled my screen so i had to SCROLL several times to get away from the picture and into the review. that is all.

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Sorry about that. When I'm writing reviews and post the album covers I use the ones that are given to me with the files. Didn't even think about how it might lag on a smartphone.


Hopefully no harm done. But I'll now be more aware. Thanks for reading!




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