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What other electronic genre do you like ?


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Everybody in this forum probably like goa / psy trance. What about other genre that are more or less close to goa ?


What about hardtek ? Drum n bass ? Dubstep ? Do you like it too ?


Personnaly I love hardtek, hip hop / drum n bass and simple trance too.

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As long as it's groovy funky and got soul I'm in, genre or style is really not what I'm going for when I'm listening to music.


The only electronic style I've not got represented in my collection is probably Trap, but it sounds more or less like a Skrillexified version of the style Skweee.

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acid techno

freetekno/acid tekno/hardtekno/tribetek



trance (the good things from the early-mid nineties mainly)


drumnbass (only select few things like black sun empire and some darkstep. the harder, darker and weirder, the better)



i also like some speedbass, happy hardcore (the funny european kind (think luna c), not the american, cheesy, pop-remix kind) or dubstep, but i won't actively seek it out and listen to it.


the only styles of edm, where i won't find any subgenre i like are breakbeat and house (house for me includes rebranded styles such as what is now called "minimal techno". i think it went by the name of microhouse in the 90s.)

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