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Aes Dana - Aftermath Archives of Peace


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Artist: Aes Dana

Title: Aftermath Archives of Peace

Label: Ultimae Records

Date: November, 2013


1. Aftermath #1

2. Aftermath #2

3. Aftermath #3

4. Aftermath #4

5. Aftermath #5

6. Aftermath #6

7. Aftermath #7







Are you f*cking kidding me. Must be Canadian dollars.


Nope, still too f*cking high. What do they use in Poland? Zloty?


Even that's too high.


Got it...Iraqi Dinars. 450 Dinars =


...32 cents.


All right that's too low, but we're getting closer. Obviously that seller is going to retain possession of that used copy of this album. Unless Beyonce decides she's into ambient in which case Jay-Z is going to f*ck it all up.


Is there anyone who is more identified with quality downtempo and ambient music? Who is Vincent Vilius? How about co-founder of arguably the best downtempo label, founding member of Asura, contributor to H.U.V.A. Network, and of course electronic activist.


What the hell does that last bit mean? Does he travel to exotic locations and protest acoustic festivals? Demand more government spending on electronic bass line research?


I'm being silly of course as he has made his mark and become an icon in the genre. This was his second album as Aes Dana and there seem to be those that think this is better than chocolate sex. Not me.




I love chocolate.



This is now 10 years old and while it still sounds fresh as the day it was made, I believe that he has gotten better with age. Recounting a tale of life after a great cataclysm it is one of those that demands a straight through listening to fully absorb its message. He weaves through vignettes of ambient and downtempo with floating pads and melancholic textures putting the listener in a relaxed state. The story is expertly told and I think it is a great piece of work, but there were times I found it less engaging than it could've been. It was good ambient, but this is Aes Dana we're talking about. I want better than good.


I want great.


It's my opinion that with successive albums his productions became deeper and more challenging. Then I realized I was judging this album based on his later works and where he's taken his music. And that's not fair. Like anything else he has grown and matured with time spent perfecting his craft. Each album is part of the puzzle and the picture cannot be completed without it. That's all you can ask of an artist.


So with repeated listening I found myself enjoying it more and more. The beatless ambient is supremely ethereal and while I still believe he has gone on to produce better albums I can appreciate this album for what it is.



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I think this is one of the better Aes Dana albums.

I love them all, but I think he peaked with Memory Shell, Season 5 just behind that and this in third place in the abasio ranking table of electronic excellence (I can't believe I spelled that right in my current state). His later albums are great and I will snap up the next one instantly but Aftermath remains by bronze medal.

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