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Goa Mix

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Richpa    900






'Goa Mix' is the name of my latest mixed selection of psychedelic Goa trance tunes and it features only Croatian goa trance artists and it serve as a showcase of diverse but yet powerful Goa trance scene in Croatia. If you want to learn more about Goa trance music in general and get latest news about some of the artists listed below, please visit: facebook.com/neogoa. If you like the music, please support the artists, go see them live or buy the music!




01. DOGMA - Sutra Sarma [blue Moon Productions, 1997.]
W&P by Damir Ludvig and Goran Stetic
02. PROJECT SHIDARTHA - Strange Architecture [Cosmic Flower Records, 2010.]
W&P by Petar Hadrovic
03. M-RUN - Alien Brain Train [Cronomi Records, 2012.]
W&P by Mario Matakovic
04. VOX - Inner Polarity [Metapsychic Records, 2007.]
W&P by Tomislav Crncic
05. NOVA FRACTAL - Perplexed [Neogoa, 2011.]
W&P by Renato Brnic
06. LIQUID FLOW - Land Of Time [Dimensional Records, 2011.]
W&P by Tomislav Savic
07. GOASIA - Transonic Fields [Dimensional Records, 2010.]
Balint Tihamer and Vladislav Radulovic (Kanc)
08. LUNAR DAWN - Genesis [Croatian Psytrance Community, 2012.]
W&P by Kristijan Ilisinovic
09. SCREW LOOSE - So Much To See [Neogoa, 2012.]
W&P by Sasa Dukic
10. PERFECT BLIND - Nimbus Two [Akashic Records, 2010.]
W&P by Igor Ceranic



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Paul Eye    451

07. GOASIA - Transonic Fields [Dimensional Records, 2010.]

I ended my set yesterday with this track and people went literally bananas :D

I'll check this mix for sure one of these days.

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Richpa    900

Thanks, btw here is annoucement for DI.fm airing:

Richpa debuts on the Digitally Imported Goa-Psy Trance Channel with a mix of new school goa made exclusively by Croatian artists. http://www.di.fm/calendar/event/31229 Tune in tomorrow at 2pm US Eastern, 7pm UK, 20:00 Central Europe

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