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Artist: Speedball

Title: Reloaded EP

Label: Fractal Records

Date: May, 2013


1. Kingston

2. Universo

3. Locked Ball

4. Hyperion



"Welcome to the f*cking universe!"




Hells yeah! Where's my sippie cup? And who took all the motherf*cing Goldfish?



Not since the invention of the taco has there been a greater contribution from Mexico. There. I said it. Speedball are Javier Durán Cortes & Raul Gonzalez and their debut album Human Disorder showed that they were not messing around. There are certain tracks you hear that stick with you. They never get old and always cause you to get out of your seat and dance like a crazy person. For me it was Fully Awake by Electric Universe. But it was also Buenos Muchachos by these guys who took that Goodfellas laden track and annihilated anything I've heard recently.


Speedball take twilight music to that other level where only a mentally unstable few dare to tread. It's acid laden and carries a big kick and rumbling basses. This is music that unleashes the wrath you may have pent up, and all you can do is look back and hope you have clean underwear. Futuristic hyper trance with an intense pace is the name of the game on 75% of this EP. I can only assume that Kingston was the product of a very fruitful journey to Jamaica. Make some new friends did ya? Irie man, irie.


Sometimes our music disappoints and does the same old tired song and dance. With all the releases I suppose it's to be expected. These guys however helped to restore my faith in the good old psytrance beatdown.


Suck it Oakenfold.





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