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Quantum Flux - Little Rock, Arkansas.

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How Much?
$5 for entry | $10 for entry + camping
August 23th 5PM Fri. - August 24th 2PM Sat.
7410 Henderson Rd
Little Rock, AR United States
Greetings world of Arkansas and beyond! The Summer is coming to an end... so lets bring it to a close with an explosion, isolated in the middle of a beautiful wooded valley with nothing to do but PARTY (and raise money for our community radio station - KABF 88.3 FM).
Interested in the unexpected, addicted to the magical, and passionate for culture, Quantum Flux is here to bring a new light of music, art, and dancing into your lives. Get ready to jump into a completely different world, aided by an expressive explosion of psychedelic sound architects we call "SBass Cadet," "Sick Numbles," "GrooveCluster," and more!
From 5pm until 2pm the next day, witness art in its purest form. Dance, laugh, jam, paint, relax, explore, and come have an awesome party with us. There will be drum circles, acoustic performances, a giant community painting, yoga, fire dancing, camping, and a lot of juicy electronic music ranging from Psytrance to Glitch!
There will be downtempo and acoustic music after 2am followed by an ambient sunrise set, so grab your most comfortable tent and setup camp. There is plenty of room to come and stay the night with us! There will be a large amount of food for sale, free water, and a complimentary breakfast - we want to make sure you're as comfortable as possible during the sunrise festivities.
The Schedule
5pm Gate Opens so folks can set up camp
6pm Educational Workshop (based on your vote on the poll below)
7pm Community Drum Circle
8pm Cory Stardust
9pm Groovecluster
10pm SBass Cadet
11pm Sick Numbles
12:30am Open Decks
2am Spot Wade
3am Dustin Searcy and Kyle Owen acoustic set
4am Jackson Diner & Zora McBride acoustic set
5am Sick Numbles ambient sunrise
7am Free Breakfast
9am - 2pm Sleep In, relax, and socialize
Live Visual Art by:
Cory Stardust and Mary Jane
Will Saxton Esposito
Stewart Fuell
Alyssa Jenkins
Jack Bruno


The Rules
- No animals of any kind.
- No glass containers or bottles.
- Leave No Trace! Plenty of trash and recycling bins will be provided. Please use them or bring your own. It's a privilege to use this land, so let's leave it the way we found it: pristine and blessed!
- No alcohol for the Under 21. (No alcohol will be sold.)
- No drugs or illicit substances permitted.



The Menu (Dinner)
Grilled cheese
Veggie tacos (homemade tortillas)
Shrimp tacos (homemade tortillas)
Homemade salsa
Homemade trail mix
Fresh fruit
FREE WATER PROVIDED (please bring a bottle to cut down on waste)
Breakfast is also provided at no charge.
Please contact me for more information!! I hope to see you guys out there. Come on out and enjoy a new reality with us at Quantum Flux!!

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K-BAN    30

cheap party with free water and breakfast? thats win win win! enjoy 8) I'll be at a festival the same weekend so we will be dancing at the same time. cool huh? 8)

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Yeah man! You enjoy your festival as well. I am throwing Quantum Flux with two other people, and we are really excited to see our dream become a reality!

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