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I've lately been listening to the excellent '92 audiobook version of Herbert's Dune, and got an urge to re-visit Lynch's adaption. It's interesting how Herbert, unlike most, loved Lynch's film, and re-discovering the book I can see why. The film might lack in coherency for those unfamiliar with the book, but it accomplished one amazing feat: It managed to retain the deeply mystical atmosphere of the book. Something that every other Dune adaption failed to do. Any fans of the film?


Great interview with Lynch and Herbert:



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what a co! im reading the book right now and plan to see the movie afterwards... i believe there are five books some prequels and some sequels. are all of them incorporated in the movie ?

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No, only the first book. Lynch was originally meant to adapt the first three books, including the two sequels Dune Messiah and Children of Dune. That unfortunately never happened due to the first film being a financial disaster. The producer wanted it to be the new Star Wars trilogy, while Lynch had a whole different take on it which eventually led him to leave the production. Dune was actually the main reason why Lynch decided to persue a career outside of Hollywood.


EDIT: It seems that they did incorporate a few scenes from the two sequels as they tried to salvage the film, but it's just tiny bits and pieces in an attempt to end the story. So I don't know if that counts...


Lynch talks about it here:


Another interesting fact is that Jodorowsky was meant to adapt Dune before Lynch. Here's a little bit about that failed, but none the less very interesting, venture:

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I have fond memories of watching the movie years ago... but I don't know how I would react today.

I think Dune was the first David Lynch movie I ever saw but I didn't connect him with the movie ever, not even today.

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