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Tickets - Black Mind Thoughts EP

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Artist: Tickets

Title: Black Mind Thoughts EP

Label: Biomechanix Records

Date: November, 2012


1. Ennax (Full On Version)

2. Collapsed Kingdom

3. Waboba Kappibarru Rising Forehead



"Chill...chill. Take a chill pill."


Tickets is Joseph Summs, a twilight artist who's had great success riding the Android Wave of South African psytrance with 2 albums to his credit and plenty of compilation work. This was one of those EP's that didn't grab me right away. It required further digging. I was going to describe this as a short 3 tracker but there ain't nothing short about 11 and a half minutes, know what I'm sayin?


Ennax is an epic storytelling track that has its fast and slow moments. Sounding more like an FLA side project it has an extended intro and symphonic presence until the trance kicks in. Honestly I was more entranced by the sample than the music.




Who can ever get enough McLovin?


Collapsed Kingdom continues the epic feel and is more Principles of Flight than Tickets. It's ominous and goes medieval on you.


He saves the best for last with the most aggressive and Tickets like track. It still carries the same vibe, but the power and in your face factor is turned up. And that track name...what the hell does that even mean?


To compare I would say this is more Dreaming of Places than Timelapse with a strong nod towards the theatrical. Consider it expanding his horizons. Entertaining.


Re reading the review I don't think I said Tickets enough. So...tickets.





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