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"V/A - Fresh Part 03 EP"


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Artist: Various

Title: Fresh Part 03 EP

Label: 3D Vision

Date: April, 2013


1. Mutants - Absolum & Ex-Gen

2. Assistance Required (Powered by Absolum) - A-Mush



Some of my favorite music is the stuff by Absolum. Inside the Sphere (almost 10 years old) still set the bar so unbelievably high. That high tech acid insanity never fails to get me moving. It's intense, moody and will take out more teeth than a hockey fight.




Down goes progressive.


The third part in the fresh series is more balls to the wall hyper trance that is purely unforgiving. Can't take the heat? F*ck you it doesn't care. So awesome it makes twilight music seem like ambient. More acid than a dead show it's slicker than oil with thumping rhythms and a frenzied pace. Get out of the way people it's an avalanche of awesome headed straight downhill and no f*cking St. Bernard is ever gonna find you.


Only 2 tracks, but you can't handle more than that. Absolum and the Ex-Gen pairing rule and the A-Mush track pushes it to the edge. Whew.


Hell. Yes.



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