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Ubar Tmar  

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    • Fusion
    • True
    • Live
    • Eigou Kaiki
    • Macrometasomakosmos
    • Mars
    • Kuru Kuru SPRUDN
    • Ubarpedia
    • Guri & Guru

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I was watching Gaspard Noé's Enter The Void and instantly came to think of Ubar Tmar's Matsuri album "True". It's probably one of the weirdest and most interesting recordings I've heard within the Trance genre. Many of the synth parts tend to sound extremely atonal and dissonant. An effect that I've never heard any other Trance artist play with. Re-listening to this album made me curious to check out the rest of his discography. Any fans?


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Don't use hotlink from discogs, it won't show to anyone.


I added Guri & Guru, I also voted it. It's the most intense thing ever. Very close second is Eigou Kaiki, an album that is the most stable in it's production structure, it's far less glitchy than most of the other albums and has great atmospheres and melodies.

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I didn't know him until recommendations on here and then Ubarpedia blew my tiny mind and still does whenever I listen to it...

As do the live videos of him on youtube...



It is some of the most psychedelic music i have heard. Whether that is good or bad is up to the listener i guess! Imho that guy is a genius!

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