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Artist: Various

Title: Compile Your Mind

Label: Digital OM Productions

Date: November, 2011


1. State of mind - RAOUL
2. Definitely Diabolic - MAGNETO
3. Walk through the portal - SIDHARTHA
4. Massive Dynamic - TRYON
5. Badass - ORCA
6. Bullzeye - TECHNODROME
7. Ice Queen (Zion Linguist rmx) - PITCH HIKERS
8. Just Scream - RAZ
9. Search for emotions - RAZ



*Rubs temples and reaches for bottle of aspirin. Attempts to open, foiled by childproof cap and hucks pills across the room.*


All the ingredients are there. Good track listing, acid, lasers...how did they manage to f*ck this up? I'll tell you how.


They've taken what was once pure and tainted it. Twilight psy once combined the best of dark and light, moody atmosphere and melody that all rumbled with power. Now it seems that the depth and storytelling is gone replaced by buildups, hard bass lines and rampaging leads that lead, well...nowhere. It's commercial full-on in different clothes with samples that while cool at times tend to dominate where they should enhance. The whole thing feels too clean and white washed. It's screams, "Hey look at me! I'm hard and edgy!"


Yeah, but you're doing it wrong.


There are bright spots of course. Tryon continues to shred any obstacle in his path with deluges of acid and barely restrained power. Each of the tracks have positive moments only to be marred by cliches. This has all been heard before and no matter how many lasers and twilight presets you use it's still generic sounding. Instead of having a cohesive flow the tracks seem to have been thrown together like a hippies festival outfit. They seem like they would work on the dance floor, but this has the feel of a watered down genre trying to have it both ways.


If you truly are hard and edgy, most people won't like you.









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This sums up a lot of Twilight releases the past few years for me. What was once fresh and innovative to a degree is now a paint by numbers genre filled with kid friendly imitators :/


Generic fking fm cutting leads over the top of a hard bassline. Zero story and zero evolution :( In a lot of cases zero musical talent I think.

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