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Artist: Talpa

Title: White Clouds EP

Label: TesseracTstudio

Date: April, 2013



1. White Clouds - Talpa

2. Spirits (Talpa Remix) - Zyce

3. Unimation (Talpa Remix) - Zyce & Nerso



Goran continues to impress with his music. Whether he's producing as Talpa or The Riddler his attention to detail has always been something to look forward to. This EP is released on the progressive label TesseracT so you know what to expect. White Clouds has dreamy elements combined with the electronic throat clearing of almost dubstep in a very positive track. It's uplifting and wiggle inducing.


The remix of Spirits is a long, unwinding bit of progressive trance that I would expect more from Zyce than Talpa. Groovy no doubt, but unexpected.


Unimation is the final track and it is another remix that doesn't sound anything like Talpa. Great, but who is this guy?


Let me say that I enjoyed this release for its melodic and drifting content. It's a perfect fit for the label and expresses their style very well.


But this doesn't sound like Talpa.


It sounds like every other Balkan making progressive trance. Quality of course, but nothing like the guy who gave us The Art of Being Non. His style under the Talpa moniker has been trending less towards psychedelia and more in the direction of something softer and less challenging. And that's what you get here. Good progressive trance that is melodic and uplifting. But it's not Talpa. Talpa doesn't make that music.


If The Riddler is his funky project and Talpa was his psychedelic endeavor, then maybe he needs a new alias if he's gonna make music like this. Recommended for melodic progressive trancers.







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agreed. i loved his unique style (and especially the crazyness of when the somberness becomes the game), but the tracks on those new eps (this one and the disease within) sound nothing like that. just run-of-the-mill serbian progressive. not bad but nothing special anymore :(

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Wow, I just listened to the samples on Beatport, and I can't believe it's the same Talpa.



What happened to the Talpa we all remember and love? I can't believe 10 years have passed since 2004's The Art of Being Non. That debut album overflowed with imaginative ambition; it was visionary and unforgiving, took risks and got a handful of my friends into Talpa!

I was very disappointed with When the Somberness Becomes A Game. My girlfriend couldn't believe it was the Talpa from The Art of Being Non which she impresses us to this day.


The World Without Me and Still Dreaming IMO (on SOMBERNESS) were well done I thought. Regarding the other songs, I thought I was listening to circus music. I put it on in the car to show my friends (they were like WTF are we listening to?!! ) before skipping to show them The World WIthout Me (a great track on that album). Their reaction was impressed. I was asked why didn't he make he whole album like that?


From what I gather, the artist didn't have as much control over the tracks that made it to Somber. I think Goran is amazingly talented. We all know that he can produce stunning electronica. He can if he wants to, and send it out. I'd love if he produced non-linear, imaginative, groundbreaking electronica again. Even if it's not Art of Non. Something beautiful, heavenly, deep, filled with meaning, psychedelic. I heard a while back that he was working on (what sounded to me like) ambient, but don't know what became of it. I'd love to hear a downtempo release by him. And something rich and vibrant, full of light. Just make it NOT generic sounding, passionate, and catchy. His talent is above and beyond recent music I've heard by him including this new 2013 release. He even came back 1-2 years ago with MOON RMX that KICKED ASS !!!!! So I know he CAN do it. HE CAN. If a label is not supporting that stuff, he should look elsewhere IMO, or separate his TALPA name from a moniker (another artist) name and produce for different labels if possible. Otherwise TALPA fans get confused because the same rock artist is producing heavy metal so to speak, under the same name.


This new release sounds to me like generic full on with a small and unique touch so faint that it's hardly noticeable. Where is the creative Talpa we all know and love? I feel like someone influenced him to stop making that music anymore, maybe there is more money in generic material.

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Hmmm hanging with the Tessaract boys a little too much perhaps :/ Or Goran is just into that style these days? I know some people who are friends of his so will try and find out what's up.


And I agree 100 percent. Talpa to me was/is some of the most psychedelic melodic music I've heard.

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