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Artist: Various

Title: Greenosophy

Label: Ultimae Records

Date: February, 2012



2. Tear-blind eyes - Rildrim
3. Minimum - Liquid Stranger
4. Emerge - Sesen
5. Idea Spiral (Ozora Festival 2011 live edit) - Cell
6. Nubian Sandstone - Ajja
7. Subzero - Tripswitch
8. Cobalt 2.0 - Solar Fields
9. Flying Dots - Miktek
10. Folding Pattern - James Murray
11. Brokenm dream of little snail - Cygna


Ultimae is the name in chill out or psybient music that creates the perfect soundtrack for any mood. Each release seems to shine with quality and this is no exception. Compiled by Mizoo this mixed journey mirrors the mood of the cover.


The opener is an extended intro really, but Tear Blind Eyes burrows deep into the eerie with echoing tones. Listening to this while atop a mountain staring down into the thick green forest reminds me of all that's hidden from view. Long ambient with obvious comparisons to Soil Festivities by Vangelis.


Minimum travels in the same gloomy vein but now with a steady cadence until even that drops out. The sounds of water breathe life into the track.


Emerge has a slow lamenting opening rife with regret as it slides into progressive territory. Lush layers ensure that it doesn't lose any of its storytelling ability


Idea Spiral by Cell is a slow motion flyby of the awesome splendor of the Himalayan mountains. It's one of those tracks that rides the same melody for its entire length even with the tempo increase. The view is breathtaking.


Nubian Sandstone is comprised of delicate alien textures coupled with a smooth jazzy groove. The sounds echoing in my headphones make me smile as I feel if I were to touch them they would dissipate like vapor. Half the length of the previous track, but twice the emotion.


Subzero awakens like a dazzling dawn with the most driving beat yet. A snapshot into a new age full of wonder and promise; as if a breath of energy restored the husk of a depleted city.


But lest you believe this to be a utopia Solar Fields reminds the listener dark days lie ahead. Cobalt 2.0 is in the ambient trance style with wailing synth spirits and gentle pads. Leads run softly beside an imposing mood.


Flying Dots slows things down again with head nodding percussion as the movement retreats to the underground. Heavy casualties were suffered and it's time for the resistance to lick its wounds. Better to live to fight another day.


Folding Pattern is drone style ambient with a rhythmic clicking that while atmospheric doesn't hold the depth and gravitas found in the other tracks. Think of it as a long interlude.


Broken Dream of a Little Snail could be the trailer for the upcoming Disney movie Turbo, but I doubt it. With heavenly voices it seems too lofty for a snail, but I don't know any snails so...Or maybe that's the point. If you're gonna dream...dream big. Melancholy acoustic guitars and violins make this an evolving and lush closer.


Good job Ultimae you've once again created something that is ideal for daydreaming. Highly recommended.









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Absolutely stunning release. The mood flows deeply & there's a wonderful cohesiveness to this compilation. I admit I prefer the digital unmixed version, but the trances vibes in some tracks make me think this is where Flying Rhino should've gone. Wonderful music for chilling out or a slow deep dance.

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I'm loving the track , "Idea Spiral" by Cell.

It's pretty repeatative but lovely none the less.

The sample, the last 3 minute progressing. It's all very nicely done.


Btw what's that sample? Anyone knows which language? What does it mean?

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