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Artist: The Riddler

Title: From Myst to Twist

Label: TesseracTstudio

Date: December, 2012


1. Never heard of it
2. Christmas Burglary
3. Randomizer
4. Eleven
5. Slumber Party (The Riddler rmx) - Talpa
6. Blue
7. Hunted
8. A pocket full of smiles
9. Popularity Contest
10. You R my star






I haz dem.


How did the US let Mexico surpass us in adult obesity? That was our thing man! Where else can you get a fried coke but in America? We need to start thinking outside the box to get our mojo back. I say let's put underperforming students in the deep fryer. Nothing motivates like the threat of extra crispy.


Why are Egyptians so good at protesting yet so sh*tty at democracy?


Jim Carey.


What the hell does the queen of England actually do? Besides putting a dent in the royal budget with Depends undergarment purchases?


But mainly the debut album from Goran as The Riddler. Setting the progressive trance world on fire with his mixture of eerie melodies and funky beats he's right back at it with his second release. Which leads me to my next two questions. Where the hell was the publicity on this one and could he strike gold yet again?


The answer to that is a resounding yes. This is The Art of Non on Friday night looking to get lucky. The spooky movie melodies continue to flow over hypnotic grooves that force the toe to keep tapping. Part of the appeal is that he keeps it fresh with short tracks. Only two are over six minutes which doesn't allow for boredom to set in. I've mentioned this before, but the mood is Tim Burtonesque...on ecstasy. Like Stella Goran got his groove back with basses that will punish a subwoofer. Perhaps this is more closely related to progressive house without the cheese, it still excels in making the music fun. He even goes a little disco on you in a couple of tracks.


That said it doesn't rival the feeling I got when I heard Questions. Some of the tracks are a little weaker and seem like filler. I could see where some might call it Questions Vol. 2 with tracks that didn't make the cut for the debut. But there is surely enough here for a good time.











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