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Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization EP


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Artist: Crop Circles

Title: Lunar Civilization EP

Label: DAT Records

Date: June, 2013


1. Lunar Civilization

2. Antonomasia

3. Full Mental Jackpot (Pleiadians Remix)

4. Ghost Circles




Crop f*cking Circles.



Rising faster than an old man's erection on Viagra is the star that is DAT Records. This is a label run by Draeke that resurrects music from the golden age of goa trance that was unreleased or only put out on vinyl and then gives it the production values of today with new mastering. His 2 CD release of Etnica Live in Athens was one of the greatest gifts you could give an old schooler, but instead of standing on his success he continues to reach higher with his next offering. What do you get when you add Etnica + Lotus Omega?


Crop f*cking Circles.


Now this isn't his first date with this project. Remember the "lost" album Tetrahedron back in 08? So full of thick melodic layers he's been going strong ever since. And now we've learned that no task is too herculean.


So it stands to reason that his long standing relationship with this Italian supergroup would continue to bear fruit. Like most of you I didn't have these vinyl EP's released back in 07 and even if I did what the hell would I play them on. So I had to make do with mp3's that I found on the net and I was happy to have them. But now I have the CD EP from DAT Records in its little cardboard sleeve cover and the planets seem to be back in alignment for this collector.


The original vinyl EP from Auricle Records had just the tracks Lunar Civlization and Antonomasia. Awesome tracks full of spiraling melodies and complex layers to be sure, but then the CD version came out and it included the mind blowing remix of Full Mental Jackpot by the Pleiadians. But Draeke does you one better with the addition of a track I've never heard called Ghost Circles. It falls right into line with their crazy Italian style. Fast, multilayered melodies with tons of 303 goodness.


To close this is another triumph for Draeke and DAT Records. He has succeeded in bringing some of the greatest goa trance tracks back into the light. The music sounds spectacular and keeps the genius that was Etnica alive. No longer do you have to shell out ungodly prices for this hard to find piece of goa history cause now he put it within everyone's reach. And you don't even need a f*cking record player, whatever the hell that is.


Draeke you've got your had so deep in my pocket people are going to tell us to get a room.



DAT Records










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Thanks for this one too ;), one little thing, the original releases were from 1997 (you typed 07 but obviously a typo) and yes the ridiculously rare original edition can be finally seen as something to not die for as you get here every track remastered, one bonus track and one slightly different version of Antonomasia than the one released on the original CD single.

Also note that the original pressing had a bit of distortion since it was mastered way too high (yes even in 1997 they made some mistakes!). This one sounds much better :)

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