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Anjuna Records | V.A - Lucid Flux (UX/Nervasystem/Aether/Shakta/Moonweed/Process/Squid/Aurax)

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Hello Goa Heads,

We are happy to announce on our upcoming compilation ( ANJUNACD002) , We boiled and cooked it for a while now, it took time to find all the ingredients and cosmic substances for this psychedelic compound...

Preorder start's today - 1/10/2013 - Release date: 1/11/2013

Buy directly on this link: http://www.anjunarecords.com/lucid-flux



1. Prana - Taiyo (Process Imperfect Simulant Remix)
A new perspective to this epic track originally composed by Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Nick Taylor by Dr. Sean Williams. A genius-etic remix.
2. Chakra & Eddie Mis - X-Files (Visitors Remix)
This remix by Andrew Till and Ollie Olsen (Visitors) puts the "monkey track" in a totally different light, Originally released on Vinyl @ Krembo Records, this one will blow your head off.
3. Syb Unity Nettwerk - Sun Invaders [Full Moon Mix]
State-of-the-art psychedelic masterpiece by Kris Kylven
4. NervaSystem & Aesher - Distorted Waves Of OM (Slight Return)
Epic psychedelia by Nervasystem & Aether (Drezz/Lex) top creation from the two Goa trance gurus, First time released on CD.
5. Aurax - Inordinately Haggard (Live)
A live version of unreleased tune, released for the first time!
6. MoonWeeD & Squid - Full Potential
Another psychedelic rarity from MoonWeed & Squid (Jamie/Tim Healy aka Quirk), super intensive tune that was never released.
7. Graham Wood - Spaced In
Graham Wood (Half The Infinity Project) with a rare "forest party" atmosphere tune, Unreleased
8. Ufomatka - Varstar
Ufomatka returns with a deeply intensive tune
9. UX - Master Of The Universe (Epic Live Re-Mix Live with Front 242)
Closing this comp is a live version of the epic track "Master of the universe" by UX (Kris Kylven), A very rare recording from a live performance that took place in Helsinki back in 2008, was recorded by Front 242.


Compiled by: Aurax
Mastered by the mighty: Tim Schuldt
Artwork and design by: Samuel Farrand

We will be offering a limited edition copy of this CD alongside regular edition (50 copies LE!) Inverted


50 Anjuna branded T-shirts of the album design will be offered during the pre-order period with 25% discount






- Anjuna Team

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Most are unreleased/released on EP.


There's one huge surprise on this album which is a live version of master of the universe by UX and Front 242.


We promised a massive one, and it's heading your way ;)


We will announce the full tracklist soon.

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Is it 1996 again suddenly ? :o


Yes my thought exactly! Anjuna Recs, DAT Recs, DAT Mafia Recs & Zion604.... is releasing top notch tracks. Fasten your seatbelts... here we goooo....!!

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god dam, i don't know if i can handle this!

slow down you guys i just got out of hospital

i can not believe the quality explosion of oldschool

not to mention the unreleased tracks appearing everyday on facebook links

now that visitors track i am very curious?

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Thanks everyone, we will publish some samples once the album is back from Mastering


Last track confirmed: Aurax - Inordinately Haggard


We were thinking to include "Aurinko" by Tim Schuldt but unfortunately we ran out of time ;)


It will be released maybe in Tribal Encore II or another compilation in the future.

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