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Videogame soundtracks songs


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Concerning games, the older days were the best imo.


The first Unreal Tournament game was one of them that I loved most, also because of the soundtrack. I mean, listen to this:


The point is that it made playing (and killing) not looking that "ultra cool" or whatever. The music was even relaxing at times (well, not that particular track -- and some others also not, but still). It made the game feel smooth and made me have a good time.


And then there was Oddworld. Awesome ambient soundtrack, awesome graphical pictures (although 2D, but that didn't matter back then) ... what you want more?

The point with the soundtrack was the high level of integration. It changed during action phases and always felt very fitting that way...


By the way, on checking for Oddworld soundtracks I came across the news that they are going to remaster Abe's adventures -- good news for fans :)


About the more modern games ... there is Mirror's Edge that has an awesome soundtrack -- which is mostly due to the fact that Solar Fields composed it ... and the guy has a hand for making good music, both ambient and upbeat, just as the gameplay needs it.

If you want to "play" a Solar Fields track that's the way to go :)



And then there's my last contribution to what I like best -- the Elder Scrolls series. Actually I love all of their newer games, but Skyrim just has the most massive main theme. Jeremy Soule is the composer (and he also was the composer of the scores of the previous games) and I just love his stuff. It's practically classical music, but in an ambientish way, without the load of different sounds that classical usually had and which kept me from liking it. thanks to Jeremy, I begin to understand this music now too :)

So ... my neighbors listen to this whether they want or not:


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pfff... gadamm!

Dudes! Dudettes!

Wipeout... wiiiipeout all the way



Of course a passage in FFX made me buy the whole freakin' 4xCD compilation. Insanely deep...



another one...



It should be 'People Of The Far North'... don't know what they got the poles from.



Almost forgot The most important videogame theme of my earlier years. This was 15+ years ago. And I'm still amazed.


and the, unfortunatly very much shorter, theme of the follow up Infinity.


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Whatever you do don't listen to this:



its addictive


Probably my favorite game soundtrack of all time, and a really great game too! It's impossible to get it out of your head once you've heard it though :P


Turrican II


You've probably heard it already but Tea Chairs did a track called "Turrikaner" which was a remix of that. :)

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Ah I didn't see this thread before. I'll list some recent top tier favourites.


Ghost Recon Future Soldier by Tom Salta and Hybrid. Cinematic with electronic elements, hybrid such talented and diverse producers.


Assassin's Creed scores(Or the JP scores), everything that Jesper Kyd touched is practically golden. I actually own the AC2 audio promo copy and AC: Brotherhood LE audio CD because I love his work so much. If only I could buy a physical copy of the first games ost.


Vanquish was tremendous in just about every way, the soundtrack was also interesting, as it reminded me of those 90s electronic themed osts in games(as did the whole game, in fact).

Total goa^


Another obscurity was C&C4, the game itself a total travesty, but EA used music from storage and in-house producers to create a really interesting multi-thematic OST, the best part about the game.


Some random mentions.

Unreal Tournament 3 score is a pretty fantastic multi-genre edm fest.

Tekken always had interesting tracks.

Resident Evil games had always nice soundtracks with a bit of cheese.


Other notable game score people are Jason Graves, Steve Jablonsky, Boris Salchow, Harry Gregson, Jack Wall, Frank Klepacki (C&C). It's interesting how game soundtracks practically merged with movie soundtracks, obviously they are constructed for a different medium but the same people work on both.

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I love Deus Ex: Human Revolution's OST so much. I seriously wished they made a proper release of all the tracks from the game. I'm still not happy about that.


Lots of good posts here. I love that Assassin's Creed song, I haven't listened to any video game soundtrack in some time. I think I now shall spend the rest of the night searching my hard drive for them.

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