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Lepton - Lost & Found (epic oldskool forest mix)


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Lepton - Lost and Found


Boldly audio coming out of the forests of Örebro passing through the swamps of Aarhus and travelling in every dimension to the dessert of California...


recorded in 2008 - playtime : 02:01:54


01.syntax error bibspill
02.sienis - tales from the trip
03.derango - no thing
04.insane behaviour - datura inoxia
05.derango - secret surroundings
06.grapes of wrath - lir
07.bodhisattva - power vortex
08.derango - lost theory
09.grapes of wrath - 24 hrs full power no shower
10.syntax error - the grapes of wrath
11.grapes of wrath vs crazy ducks - ducks of wrath
12.kuro fusion - the druids dipsauce
13.digital talk - sans issue
14.insane behaviour - wrong doze
15.derango - the arm
16.hux flux - bring your own bios
17.grapes of wrath - more me
18.derango - welkin
19.pandora's box - natural affinity
20.attoya - green crop matured
21.cilium - +s
22.mubodhi - casual coesions
23.mubali - dribbla's delight
24.cpc - doom doom
25.cilium - gone fission
26.bodhisattva - energy theory



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