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Stereofeld – Frequenzwechsel



Album: Frequenzwechsel

Artist: Stereofeld

Genre: Progressive, Trance, Morning

Label: Sun Station Records

When: May 2013

Size: 183MB

License: CC

Price: Free and Donations



Track List:



01 - Zwirbeldrusenfunk
02 - Frequenzwechsel
03 - Earthbound
04 - Extraterrestrial Technology
05 - Tuning In
06 - Wormhole
07 - Hypnotad
08 - Atmospheres
09 - Cuba Libre (with Bart A.B.E.)


Be taken aback a few years on a funky road trip through the Stereofeld cosmos. Celebrating nearly three decades of electronic music, this beautiful and danceable treat uses highly original and addictive techniques. Get ready to be swarmed with euphoric funk lines, melodic craftsmanship, and dreamy sound worlds. Enjoyable, solid grooves blow up every second into a colorful arrangement of echoing euphoria. Loving, warm sounds completely take everything underneath a ceiling of space-like instrumentations and perfectly placed vibrating wonders. It is quite the experience, taking any listener on an intensified and incredible journey. Combine the classic engulfing days of arpeggiating Goa with funkylicious basses and progressive trance elements, and "Frequenzwechsel" is born. It is nothing but quality, as expected from an Sun Station Records release. Spectacular!

Every step is an incredible one, different from the last. It is impossible to grow tired from a theme in this album, because new themes are used all the time. Thick layers of sound are always present, going in and out at a wonderful, enjoyable pace. Atmospheric ambience is done so right, especially in "Earthbound". (with audiophile headphones I hear slight crackling in bass at the beginning, hardly noticeable but I recommend the master guy relook that beginning. I am only saying this because I want to hear this album used everywhere. Sometimes you have to be extremely nitpicky) The synths are managed with style. The artist pays close attention to the timing of everything, making sure to bring in what is needed. Nothing is ever overdone. Nothing is ever underdone. Its brilliant. The pads silently but surely build a landscape for me, taking me into a completely different world as mentioned above. Close your eyes and take a trip into a pure, talented, clean experience.
This album really speaks to me. I think the best club music out there not only moves but encompasses. The way each gooey, chill vibe sneaks into my brain has a certain feeling that makes me want to get up and smile. I want to move all night long, surrounded by friends. This is something that needs to be played in clubs. It needs to be played at parties. It needs to be played everywhere. This could make a really fantastic live experience, and I will be looking for a performance from the artist. I don't care how long of a road it is to get there, I am going. This music can bring people together! It represents the spirit of every raver, with love in every beat. It isn't just music. It's an art form. It's communication. Feel it. Enjoy it. This album really is something else entirely.

Download here on Ektoplazm


- Review by FatKidWitaJetPak (Nick Sumbles)

- Special Thank to Ektoplazm for the download bandwidth.

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Yes, this is indeed a great album. Even though I must admit I am a bit biased because Tim (Stereofeld) is my friend, he did some great work here and really delivered a shiny happy prog album for the summer that sounds like the good old days of prog-psy. So, if you have seen the by now infamous Future Ducks of London Video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIjFMQsb2S4 ), none of that shit happens here. Just pure psychedelia without any gimmicks and with a heavy dose of scandinavian influences :)

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Yeah man, true innovation doesn't come from those overused techniques haha. This can be used to make a video saying "10 reasons why psytrance is awesome" ;)


Also I will be reviewing your ambient album soon! I produce ambient myself, so this should be very interesting.

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I kept looking for the Spirit Zone or Blue Room Released label. :) That's how good it was. If you miss the deeper end of old school goa, then this will be the best thing you've heard in many moons.


My only criticism is some of the samples; McKenna and his ilk are overused in psytrance. But that too takes me back to 1999. ;) Fewer/more original vox samples and Stereofeld might become my favorite new psytrance artist.

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Yet another very classy release for free... Great music, fantastic chill vibe and psychedelic to boot! Recommended for sure, every prog-fan and even the people who do not like prog should check this out.


Pure earcandy.

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