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Flicker Light - Shamanic Journey EP


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Artist: Flicker Light

Title: Shamanic Journey EP

Label: Maia Brasil Records

Date: March, 2013


1 - Who Use This Drugs (128 BPM)
2 - Glandula Pineal (134 BPM)
3 - Mental Evolution (135 BPM)
4 - Shamanic Journey (133 BPM)



If you mix minimal + progressive trance + darkpsy you get this. Well...not much progressive trance. They were not kidding when they said this had heavy basses. Sh*t will knock you over. While I liked the dark atmosphere and the nosebleed inducing bass you gotta give me more if you're going to assault me with your extended track times. The galloping bass and darkpsy noise gets to be monotonous and it just devolves into 39 minutes of the same thumping bass sounds rumbling in the night time.


Love the cover though.


Free at Ektoplazm



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