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Your own compilation of neogoa gems

Guest D N H

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Guest D N H

Many of us here in psynews are complaining about neogoa's failing potency to mesmerize us. Nonetheless, there isn't anyone who doesn't
have many or fewer favourite tracks.

So, if you have to make a compilation of your favourite neogoa tracks how it would be and which tracks would be included?
Would it be a single cd compilation, that is around 7 to 9 tracks, or a double cd compilation, of 16 to 18 tracks approximately?
It doesn't have though to be a (physical) cd compilation which means strictly to 80 mins. It can be also a digital compilation for your mp3 player.
You can give to your compilation or each cd a title, if you want. You can even place the tracks in certain order, in a flow.

Have in mind that the compiling refers to new produced goa & new remixes, not unreleased nor remastered. Music of the new scene only, from Tranceform records aka 2003 and forth.
For example Virtuart - Zanchin, D5 - Caprica and Crop Circles - Cerealogy belong to the old scene's output.

You can also perceive this differently. What if you would have to compile the best neogoa tracks as a request of a mainstream Label or just for a friend of yours.


Let's compile our favourite neogoa tracks -->

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Awesome topic :) I like how this forum is growing more active again lately! Guess that only happens when everyone inputs so heres mine, off the top of my head!

Single CD of about 8 Tracks of my cream of the crop Neo Goa tracks. The tracks that I go back to constantly, that have blown me away the first and fiftieth time i have heard them.

Bearing in mind I think it would be hard to maintain "flow" through something like this, for me anyway.


1. Khetzal - Listening Winds - Opening track maybe not neo goa but goa ambient.. still it serves as a good intro. :)

2. Crossing Mind - Elastic Harmonies - Building up a little faster.. but not ultimately hectic yet. A good solid first actual goa track (One of the best even..heh)

3. Goasia - Space Travellers - Always a favourite track of theirs for me, getting a little faster again.

4. Portamento - Vitamin E - Starting to get a little more hectic and acidic

5. Crossing Mind - Hydrophobic Visions - Building to the peak of the disc now, one of my favourite goa tunes of all time.

6. Filteria - Lunar Civilization Rmx - The peak of the disc. Of course!

7. Ra - Predator - Absolutely incredible tune, starting to wind down the disc a little

8. Artifact 303 - Tropical Sunrise - An almost downtempo closing track that I adore.


Not entirely sure how that would flow as i haven't checked but in my head it runs together ok.. heh.


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Amithaba Buddha - Three Eyes

Astrancer - Dzog Chen

Alienapia - Dharmakaya

Filteria - Wormhole

Mindsphere - Ornamentation

M-Run & Kapala - Kapala

Ra - Transcendent

Artifact303 - Tropical Sunset


Anyone who broadly dismisses Neogoa is a fool. There's so much excellence that I had real trouble coming up with this list, and there's still plenty of Neogoa I have yet to listen to.

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mine would look something like this:


1. Antares - Mysticism a smooth way to start things off for the first, darker part of the cd

2. E-Mantra - Praying Forest (short version) still mysterious sounding but darker and picking up in intensity

3. Filteria - Stars (starstuff remix) it's good, but not in my top ten. still it has to be at exactly that spot. i dunno why :)

4. Artha - Bali the second climax after the last track, we're obviously still in darker territorry

5. Artifact303 - The Ancestors intense, but less dark, now transitioning to the lighter side of the compilation

6. Filteria - The Big Blue again filteria, but there's no way i could omit this track

7. Ra - Time Current the perfect euphoric morning track

8. Chi-A.D. - Sight of the Sages again morning sound, now reducing the intensity

9. Khetzal - Djaningar the perfect track to give the compilation a blissful ending


total playtime: 79 minutes.

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