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DeeperNET - One (Spotted Peccary Music)

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Spotted Peccary Music continues to expand its O3E imprint/sub-label with the release of ONE, the full-length album debut from DeeperNET. Blending extreme influences from completely opposite ends of the electronic music spectrum such as Goa, Downtempo, EDM, and Psybient, the album offers well over an hour’s worth of music across eight tracks that fuse more aggressive electronic tones and percussion with the delicate atmospherics of ambient. Intricate rhythms, constantly evolving sequences, and ‘wall of sound’ style electronics propel the listener through a deeper network of cosmic pulses and fluid soundscapes.




Artist: DeeperNET

Album: One
Label: O3E
Format: CD / MP3 / FLAC (16 & 24 bit) / Apple Lossless (16 & 24 bit)
Style: psybient, psytrance
Date: May 14 2013


Order CD or download: here




01 - Elementary Particles

02 - Mind at Large

03 - Sirens

04 - The Eagle has Landed

05 - Tiny Paper Squares

06 - Moksha

07 - Neptune

08 - The Gate

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This guy is very talented, he caught my atention in Soundcloud last year i think, instantly i noticed that he could go very far...


he doesnt think music like the most people of psy scene, you can cleary tell this guy is from outside the usual nich of psytrance...

but he seems to see the psychedelic music in a very genuine and right way...


his ambient/downtempo music have a lot of potencial, i only think he needs to refine a bit his mixing, but he will get there with time...


certainly a very interesting listening...

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