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Pavel Svimba – Space Babuska



Album: Space Babuska

Artist: Pavel Svimba

Genre: Goa, Morning, Suomi

Size: 163MB

License: CC

Price: Free and Donations

Track List:

01 - Free Step On It!
02 - Space Babuska
03 - Cheese Garlic Story
04 - Bad Hair Day
05 - Narrow Shoulders
06 - Magnetic Fields
07 - Same Frequency Different Level
08 - Schrimp Cütter
09 - Pimputus
10 - Yellow Snail Man
11 - Lying Pyramid
12 - Fucking Brains
13 - Teknikal Problems


Haha! This style is really happy and fun. I love it when people combine a funk atmosphere into the psychedelic spectrum, offering a really different way of developing progression throughout dance music. I can definitely dig each and every single track in this album. Easy to listen to, upbeat and chill, dance floor acceptable, and surprisingly brilliant mixes of funk and classic early psytrance influences blast through every guitar riff and goa tempo. It is so amazingly quirky and funky, offering a set of short and sweet progressive tracks. I have never really heard this “Suomi” thing before, but it is certainly something that can brighten up any day. Not only that, but the classiness in this offers replay ability again and again. I think I will always have this on my MP3 player, blasting it on my speakers while partying with friends.
Some may think to themselves, “Oh, well, its just a beat against a typical funk background…” I thought this at first. After listening to the first two tracks, however, I realized it was much better than that. The producer puts in some really GREAT melodies mixed with unique and juicy psychedelic synths that go far beyond the funk genre. Yep, you heard me right, this is original funk. I didn’t think that existed. Combining famous styles is one thing, but combining famous style and making it your own with unique chord progressions and bootylicious baselines is another thing. That, and the instruments in this are all done amazingly well. The horns, guitars, and other conventional instruments blow me away. This album is simply a jewel and I can’t wait to try this out in my car. I want to see this used in movies, and if it isn’t I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.
I find myself smiling at every track. I really want to dance. Hell, I really want to make other people dance. It’s just so danceable. I’m delighted every second, accompanied by a warm and sweet vibe that raises my spirits. It brings back a lot of classic memories of 90s Psytrance… now look what it has turned into! Don’t ever stop what you are doing guys, keep up the sexy work.


Download here on Ektoplazm


- Review by FatKidWitaJetPak (Nick Sumbles)

- Special Thank to Ektoplazm for the download bandwidth.

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(I swear that I posted this review in here a few years back when it was originally released, but just in case...)


Artist: Pavel Svimba



Album: Space Babuska

Label: Hippie Killer Productions

Link to Pavel's Soundcloud

Download here on Ektoplazm






I feel that it has been quite a while since I have written a review, and that seems lame, so here is an album that I’d like to recommend!

Pavel Svimba is a moniker, but I would have never known that if I didn’t read it somewhere. Since all knowledge is good knowledge, we should maybe file this piece of info somewhere in the vast vaults known as Your Brain. While you are inside of your brain, take a look around. Revisit your life. Revisit your past, your hopes, your dreams. Revisit the smiles of each one of your friends, every single laugh you have heard, and think about those times you bumped your knee or fell because you were in sych a hurry to play as much as you could.


Now come back out here and let’s chat.

Or better yet, let’s dance!


Life is kind of crazy, you know? Shit keeps happening. Life keeps going forward. The real world is becoming more like the Internet and the Internet keeps becoming more like the real world. There is a neverending barrage of New Food Stuffs at fast food chains and marijuana is still illegal in most places for seemingly no good reason. I dunno. Life, it’s trippy.

When listening to Space Babuska, you get the feeling that Pavel Svimba has been paying attention to life a bit. He’s certainly paying attention to the music that accompanies life much like Mansell’s scores accompany an Aronofsky movie.


Space Babuska is a wonderful and unique blend of various styles of music. From the more Flute-in-Finnish-Forest sounds of Huopatossu Mononen to the DMT Beach Parties of Lemon Slide. From the heavy bass and percussion of Mandalavandalz to even delicately rolling melodies of classic Platipus Records and Goa Trance; this album tweaks them all.



(and this is kind of important)


The album also sounds singular and specific. This isn’t an ADHD smash&grab either.


The flow of songs on here move quite well from one to the next and yet the tracks vary enough to offer multiple different options for DJs who like to play a variety of styles and different sounding sets. You can listen to the album front to back without feeling like you are just listening to collection of SoundCloud singles or anything like that and it doesn’t get repetitive or monotonous either.


I’m not a fan of track-by-track reviews, but I’ll give you a short glimpse of what is inside: The album opens with Free Step On It! and with a classic Goa bubbling sound that leads into a funky muted guitar riff as the beach party takes shape. This leads into some nice orchestral strings and the great morning stomp of Space Babushka. I feel I have heard this song and the birds chirping therein many times, but I haven’t. It is just instantly recognizable and I kind of wish that I had had this with me earlier in the summer at ChxFst211.

Then things pick up and we get more fast and upbeat in things. Then we get to the song Narrow Shoulders, which is seriously one of my most favorite songs right now. The deep rock kick and snappy snare mixed with that phat synth and then the lovely Texas-Faggott-meets-Union-Jack-concept-album-from-an-alternate-reality-Platipus-Records comes into play. The song fucking slays me in all the right ways. Good job.


Then things keep getting a bit more rockin’ while still retaining its forest gnome sensibilities. The occasional metal guitar stabs, the flutes and percussion choices, the tweaked samples. The Yellow Snail Man -> Fuckin’ Brains sequence gets into some of that Suomi UFO Encounter stuff and then it ends with Teknikal Problems, a short little ditty that kind of wraps things up.



. Life is just a moment in time. Life is life.


And with that weird ending, I shall close this review. The album is good. It is fun and it is matching my mood right now. There are no bad tracks but there are definitely a couple of massively standout ones too! Maybe life’s days are like this album; never a bad day but definitely some great ones mixed in too…


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I saw that here on the forums... I have about 10 reviews in the queue right now, since Ektoplazm decided to realize a billion in one week lol, but after I get caught up I will definitely check it out! I think the quirkiness of Suomi is something that can make anyone smile hahaha, even my 50 year old mother. ;)

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I'm confused. The reviews seem to be about the Pavel Svimba release. But BOTH reviews link to the Time 2 Live release on Ekto. Are they related?


Indeed. Maybe ekto changed the url?

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Indeed. Maybe ekto changed the url?

That seems unlikely to be the reason, given that the URL includes the name of the wrong release. Perhaps the OP put in the wrong link and then the second reviewer copied and pasted it without checking.

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Yeah I probably just put up the wrong link. I usually copy the layout from my previous reviews, including that Ektoplazm download link. This means I likely forgot to change where that link goes to. ;)


Anyway, thanks for pointing that out. I fixed my silly mistake. The 2nd post copied my link as well, lol, so that link still goes to the Time 2 Live album.

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