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Album: Time 2 Live

Artist: Inner Self

Genre: Progressive, Full On

Size: 94MB

License: CC

Price: Free and Donations

Track List:

01 - Inner Self
02 - Sacred Ground
03 - Ancient Spirits
04 - Xingu
This is a great album to start watching the sunrise with while heading to work. The tracks in here seem build a city of clay, bringing images of Middle Eastern culture from obvious Psytrance influences. It’s exciting, progressing the Morning Trance feel with delicious and heavy baselines, engulfing atmospheric buildups, and mind expanding layers of bongos, guitars, and a whole lot of thick synths that really glue everything together. The artist sure knows how to keep things interesting, dropping you off at a relaxation point before flying back to continue bobbing your head up and down through a danceable and colorful foundation.
Time 2 Live – Inner Self does an FANTASTIC job at moving people. This can be played at any morning or nighttime scene, destined to bring crowds together for an epic collaboration of movement. There will be dancing. In fact, there won’t just be dancing, there will be art. Glow sticks, fire twirling, neon dresses, and more should be filling any room with this brilliance lighting it up. If there isn’t, do yourself a favor and go crash a giant party truck in there and start handing out free glowing, sparkling, rave gadgetry. Why? Because everyone will go totally fucking bonkers to the vibes this music brings. Yes, thats a very, very good thing.
The build ups are outstanding in this baby. Groovy, addicting, powerful, fitting, and simply orgasmic intros splatter the walls of each track, leading into some killer climaxes that can make any listener scream “Yahoo,” or whatever the cool kids are saying now a days. I am pleasantly surprised at every glance, welcoming the unexpected distant vocals and switched up bass lines. Oh, and by the way, the track “Sacred Ground” is my personal favorite. Like the other tracks, it offers an excellent and mastered set of electronic instruments. This particular song, however, builds up with a bodacious attitude, then around the 5:00 mark I feel an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Great job, you know progressive is good when you get all tingly.




Download here on Ektoplazm


- Review by FatKidWitaJetPak (Nick Sumbles)

- Special Thank to Ektoplazm for the download bandwidth.

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Fantastic review . This is the kind of music that every psytrance fan looks forward to and wants to hear. I also agree this music will set the dancefloor on fire. Top notch 10/10

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Damn this is some chunky Psytrance indeed! Normally I don't listen much to this kind of progressive, but in this case it's executed pretty well. And it's free. Cool Stuff.

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Thanks for the review. It's not always possible to check out everything at Ektoplazm. I missed this album back in May, probably because of the Progressive tag, which is somewhat misleading. Anyway, this is a good album, and the price is right.

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This is indeed a good album. Not sure if ten out of ten for me as some tracks feel a little similar but it is progressive I suppose. Probably would give it a 7/10 and it has me interested to hear a full album.


Reminds me of Zyce etc type stuff without so much fluff.


Solid effort.

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