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Artist: Atrium Carceri

Title: Void

Label: Cryo Chamber

Date: July, 2012


1. Dear Diary

2. Humanity's Cradle

3. A Curved Blade

4. Reselected

5. Victorian Meltdown

6. Passage

7. Endless Deep

8. Debt

9. Trembling

10. Slower

11. Ancient Past

12. Reap


Simon Heath is back with another entry into the macabre. If you like the dark side of ambient and horror movies are your thing then this is for you. With eerie melodies and a heaping dose of serial killer mystique this is sinfully delicious. We love to be frightened and the effects used will conjure up every movie you've seen where the dumb b*tch trips and allows the monster to gain ground. Where Jack the Ripper paralyzes an entire city with fear. Most of the tracks are bite sized morsels which helps maintain the shiver quotient, but even the long ones drip with regret. He is the master and if you put this on at 3 am in the dark you will see some sh*t.


*rubs arms and looks around nervously*


I need to go wake up my kids and play some Candyland in this motherf*cker.


Check out all this guy's scary releases.




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nice! more dark ear morsels for me. AC and the Aural Hypnox collective always deliver it for me. BTW, your reviews are hella funny and informative. keep it up(trance2moveu).

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