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Tactical Error - My First Dj Set

Tactical Error

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:) :) Hello , it's my first Dj set recorded

I always hated me Register :blush::blush:

good but got war myself and I present this


Psychédelic Trance at 155bpm


PlayList :


Yaminahua - am The Walrus
Twisted Kala - Surfing
Lab & Twisted Kala - Twisted Plane Area
Twisted Kala vs Nasha - La griffe mentaloop
NeonGlo & Gamba - Protocol
Twisted Kala - Pirates et magiciens
Loose Connection - Addicted
Battery Leak - Globigerinan
Skyhighatrist - Come on you !!!
Antagan - Atmosphere
Gama - Where Wally
Organoise - Level Access
Yuu Rei vs Zero Blade - Enterprise
Yoshihiro - Mind Vision
Mubali - Contraception
Nyama - AlienMade Machines


http://www.mixcloud.com/tacticalerror/dj-set-2013-155-bpm/ ;)


For more informations

My artist Page :


See you soon on the dancefloors



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