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Releases/partyflyers from the 17th of May


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Maybe a not so common question, but I am searching Goa Trance releases or partyflyers from Goa Trance parties from the 17th of May, my birthday.

I found it always a lovely idea if I could print a flyer from a party and hang it in my bedroom/studio, or have a specific release in my collection from my birthday.

Ofcourse you guys don't know the release dates from the releases in your collection, but maybe someone would know a good way to find it. On discogs you can't search a release on the exact date...

And as I know some of you have flyers (or e-links with flyers) from Goa Trance parties from the 90s and so, if some of you find the time, you would really make me happy with it :-)!



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