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VA - Hikuri Spirits (Popul Vuh Recs, Mexico, 2013)

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1. Intro 01:30

2. Xikwri Neyrra - Black Buffalo Meditation (154 Bpm)

3. Psykovsky - Hellove Ja Wohl Yo (Twisted Kala Rmx 158 Bpm)

4. Ork Monk - Vihar (158 Bpm)

5. Bones - Espiritismo (160 Bpm)

6. aGhORi TanTriK - Thatha Thaiya (170 Bpm)

7. Sanathana - Timelessness Nitya (175 Bpm)

8. Cosmogonia - Palenque (178 - 200 Bpm)

9. Dark Whisper - Lycosa Tarentula (190 Bpm)

10. Zuvuya & Shanti Shala - Ghost Dancers (199 Bpm)

Get it now from:

Altered Frequencys Who Help Us To Reconnect To The Divine Escence Of The Geat Spirits Of The Universe..


released 17 February 2013

Mastering By Highself Studio "Xikwri Neyrra" Guadalajara Mexico

Cover Design By Dani Ramos "Vakero" .(Mexico)
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