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ॐGMO vs. Dense-Tales From The Yellow Kangarooॐ


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Artist: GMO vs. Dense

Album: Tales From The Yellow Kangaroo

Label: Altar Records


  1. Looking Out Of The Pouch 7:46

  2. The First Steps 7:50

  3. Passing Storm 11:21

  4. Sounds And Smells 8:22

  5. The Great Puzzle 9:44

  6. The Termination Of Life? 9:07

  7. Bouncing Around 7:03

  8. The Law Of God 9:33

  9. Another View 7:57



''Tales From The Yellow Kangaroo'' is the second chillgressive album on Altar Records by Olaf Gretzmacher (GMO) and Christian Schoeps (Dense).


Within nine tracks, they are offering us a chill universe evolving within progressive beats and textures. Throughout a continuous down tempo ambiance, the album presents more intensity and rhythm from tune to tune, slowly developing in much passionate sonority.


This album is particularly chill given its progressive style. In comparison with others down tempo records such as ''Tree of life'' by Akshan, ''Aeolian Mode'' by Alwoods (both released on Altar records) or even to their previous album entitled "Through Other Glasses", it is a bit less uplifting as we're used to hear in the small and intimate world of progressive psychill. Except for a few tracks, most of the album remains deep and rarely leaves the downtempo shore of psychill land. On the other hand, GMO and DENSE completely succeed in offering us a chillgressive album which evolves and keeps a mellow and profound background.


Favorites Tracks


  1. Looking Out Of The Pouch

    With a sweet and relaxing introduction, this track develops into a beautiful and simple progressive melody with birds sounds and chill organic guitar sonorities within a 80 bpm universe. Beautiful tune!

  1. Bouncing Around

    A two section tune presenting an growing chill introduction and rapidly progressing with a beautiful shining melody. A smooth and fancy appetizer after indulging a satisfying and fulfilling main course.

8.The Law Of God

A similar progression structure of “Bouncing around''. Very nice guitar melodies which develops into several layers of sound creating an harmonious whole. A larger smile appears on my face as my favorite track spins on.



Very beautiful album. More chill than uplifting, yet another epic chillgressive adventure given by GMO and DENSE on Altar Records.



Also available in 24Bits.:http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/tales-from-the-yellow-kangaroo-24-bits

❁ On a side note, DENSE is coming up with his first solo album this summer:



Youtube links:
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