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V/A - The Call Of Goa (Compiled by Nova Fractal) - promotional review


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Two or three months ago I received first promotional (digital) copy of new Ovnimoon Records compilation – The Call Of Goa and I was asked to do review for it and today I finally managed to write down proper review for this one. What can I say about this compilation? 20 tracks carefuly selected by Renato Brnić aka Nova Fractal, with over 155 minutes of finest modern Goa trance. First part (Disc 1) contains melodic stuff with artists such as: Mindsphere, Trinodia, Nova Fractal, Agneton, InnerSelf, JBC Arkadii, etc. While second part contains names such as: Asirion, Ajanta, Celestial Intelligence, CoaGoa, Crossing Mind, etc.


01 - Mindsphere - Last Hope 138 8:03
02 - Agneton - Azure Epos 148 6:47
03 - InnerSelf - Hidden Worlds 142 6:36
04 - Psychowave - Supernova (Lunar Dawn Remix) 146 7:01
05 - Arronax & Weedran - Acid Sunshine (2012 Edit) 144 7:36
06 - Hotep & PsiloCybian - Organic Elements 146 6:58
07 - Nova Fractal - Mass Extinction 145 7:53
08 - Trinodia - Zeta Leporis 142 8:51
09 - Javi & SkoOma - Totoro 145 9:21
10 - JBC Arkadii - Fraktal Diving 150 8:46

01 - Ajanta - Ouroboros 146 7:26
02 - Alien Message - Arc Prime (White) 145 7:17
03 - Celestial Intelligence - Spiritual 143 8:04
04 - Ephedra - Creation of the Moon 148 6:45
05 - Asirion - Muona 146 9:32
06 - Hypnagogia - Angular Pulsation 147 8:23
07 - Gazzuar - Dirty (2012 Edition) 138 6:53
08 - JIS - The Journey 145 8:16
09 - CoaGoa - Algae Forest 143 8:25
10 - Crosing Mind - Trip Through128 8:38


I’m not gonna do review for each track and instead I’m just gonna mark couple of tracks which I find great. First CD kicks off with Mindsphere’s Last Hope track and it’s a great start, a 138 BPM track in style of Patience For Heaven, very melodic, but intelligently melodic, with awesome storytelling and beautiful oriental melodies. Many people liked PFH, so I’m sure this one will receive good and positive reactions too. Next track that caught my attention is Arronax and Weedran collaboration track ‘Acid Sunshine’ with brand new rework which I find great. Acid Sunshine got oldschool feeling but it’s well produced and during the whole track you can feel great acid elements and semi-melodies, love it.

Next track is from Psilocybian and Hotep, my fellow croatians, guys who are more into full-on/psytrance side of things (Psilocybian however already made couple of Goa tracks with his side-project Screw Loose) and on The Call Of Goa they’re presenting ‘Organic Elements’ track. What can I say about this one – awesome. It got fullonish kick-drum, but melodic work and arrangement of track gives you feeling it’s 100% goa track. I just hope that they gonna do more of this stuff, well done guys.


Mass Extinction track I’ve heard long time ago, but this version is slightly different and yeah it’s Nova Fractal track - a melodic bomb with fullonish vibe, but more on euphoric, euro trance side of things. I’m not that much into that electronica but this track is very nice and fans of Nova Fractal won’t be dissappointed I’m sure. Good job. Number 8 on this CD is mr. Trinodia from Sweden and his track ‘Zeta Leporis’. Oh man how I love his stuff, he is probably one of the most productive guys in scene and I think people should pay more attention to his stuff, I find it brilliant, unique style which combine best from old and new sound with great production and amazing melodies, yeah that is Trinodia. Maybe he doesn’t drift too much into different territories in his production and maybe he got his formula, but that formula is perfect and in my humble opinion, I’m gonna be happy as long as he is doing this kind of stuff, and for people who wanna hear something different, well…check his side projects.


Right after Trinodia, we got Javi & SkoOma, two rising stars from Belgium, with orginal approach to Goa trance music, something that would fit super on Cronomi compilations. But hey, this track is a bit different, it’s more melodic and I understand why it’s alongside this company of melodic artists, especially after couple of listenings. Totoro will be ture floor smasher, great job.


Second disc also contains couple of tracks which sounds great to me, and first one is opener from Ajanta, a guy who released an EP a year or two on UAF Records and now he is presenting his more darker and experimental approach to Goa. Thumbs up for this, it sounds way better than nitzho stuff and I hope he will do more stuff like Ouroboros track. Celestial Intelligence is another project that I find great and I’m sure you will hear more from them in future. Spiritual is a track that could be more suitable for first cd, because I find it more melodic then a lot of stuff here and style is something similar to Trinodia, very melodic with nice storytelling. Love it.


Hungary doesn’t have that much goa artists, but projects such as Geneoterma and Asirion are something that caught my attention and I’m glad that guys are finding their place on big compilations. Asirion’s Muona is good example of creative and interesting goa trance, well produced and I fell in love with female chants in this track, awesome! Track on number 9 is Algae Forest from a guy who runs UAF Records alongside with Imba, it’s CoaGoa and I already heard this one on his Soundcloud long time ago and it’s just great track, beautiful morning atmospheres, amazing layers and melodies, everything in this track is just perfect and in my humble opinion is one of the best tracks on both CDs. Awesome job CoaGoa! Last track on disc 2 is from maestro Crossing Mind who blessed us with brilliant album on Suntrip in 2012 and now he returns with Trip Through Unconsciousness, a 128 BPM track that perfectly close this compilation. You know what to expect from this guy, so I’m not gonna review it, it’s 110% Crossing Mind awesomeness.


Conclusion – this compilation got some really great tracks and some which I don’t find that much great but overall it’s a wonderful compilation worth buying. It needs couple of listenings to get it as a complete thing but when you get it than it will take you over and you will play it on repeat all day long. Good job Ovnimoon Records and Nova Fractal, this is hell of a rehersal for a new sub-label ‘Time Warp Records’ and I’m sure you will be big players in future!


My favorites are: Mindsphere (!!!), CoaGoa (!!!), Crossing Mind (!!!), Trinodia (!!!), Ajanta (!!), Arronax and Weedran (!!), Javi & SkoOma (!!), Psilocybian & Hotep (!!), Nova Fractal (!), Asirion (!), Celestial Intelligence (!)

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But what? :) Reviews goes in reviews section, and it's not a first time that somebody is posting review of release which should be released soon.
However if you're looking for a topic regarding this compilation in A/N ann, here it is: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/64815-va-the-call-of-goa-compiled-by-nova-fractal-ovnimoon-rec/

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Alright I wasn't following, thanx,

I can't find a released date?

The tracklist seems amazing, can't wait :)


Soon man! Everything is ready but we are working on new logo for new label and finishing cover art ... Because this VA will go under Ovnimoon Records and new label Time Warp Records! ;)

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Nice, ovnimoon records has some great releases the latest past year,

And you are nova fractal himself probably,

I love track 3 from your release, lovely built up, perfect climax,

Great :)


I haven't been active on psynews for some months, preciously got some catching up to do,

But it all looks very promising what is happening on goatrance level these day, I like it (more then) ;)

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Artist: Various

Title: Call of Goa

Label: Ovnimoon Records

Date: June, 2013


1. Last Hope

2. Azure Epos

3. Hidden Worlds

4. Supernova (Lunar Dawn rmx)

5. Acid Sunshine (2012 Edit)

6. Organic Elements

7. Mass Extinction

8. Zeta Leporis

9. Totoro

10. Fraktal Diving

11. Ouroboros1

12. Arc Prime (White)

13. Spiritual

14. Creation of the moon

15. Muona

16. Angular Pulsation

17. Dirty

18. The Journey

19. Algae Forest

20. Trip Through





20 tracks.


20 freakin' tracks.


That is a sh*tload of music to go through. 2 and a half hours of music listening is a luxury most people in the real world don't have.


Hi, have we met? My name's Mike and I don't live in the real world.


Now for some numbers. That's about 10% of your day. If you sleep 8 hours (I don't) that's another 33% so now you're at 43%. Throw in naps, taking a crap or two, and the obligatory masturbatory periods and, wait...there's 37 hours in a day right? And I still have to take care of my kids? Sounds like some extra time in front of the idiot box for dem kids.


But you see what I'm getting at. 20 tracks are a lot to digest and if you're any type of quality reviewer you listen to it multiple times with breaks in between to fully absorb what your just heard. That's why this one took a long time. Well, one of the reasons...Game of Thrones isn't gonna watch itself you know.


By now you're familiar with Renato's work. Fresh off the Fractal Landscape release he's been compiling all these tracks for this latest VA on Ovnimoon Records. Far be it for him to just throw 8 or 9 tracks in the bag, hell no he's going whole hog and bringing you 20 f*cking goa trance tracks because he doesn't give a sh*t about where you're gonna come up with 10% of your day. Move some sh*t around, maybe multitask you lazy bastard.


The track list is impressive with most names you've encountered and some you probably worship in your mom's basement. I'm not talking candle wax on the nipples you know, unless that's what you're into.



Last Hope- The dust hasn't even settled on Ali's spectacular release Patience For Heaven and he's right back on the horse. Or camel as it were, because there is a middle eastern vibe here that has bounce right from the get go with twisting melodies and churning rhythms. Didn't like the slow down ending, but that's the only thing that kept it from being epic.


Azure Epos- Agneton further cemented his place as the king of Nitzhogoa with his latest release Wizards From Space. He didn't break any new ground here, but just did what he does so well. Throw a spacey vibe over racing nitzho melodies all tucked in under the goa blanket. He's always been good with the details.


Hidden Worlds- The limited edition Innerspace release was pretty good, but I wasn't too impressed with this. A little light for my tastes with some good effects, but lacking in evolution.


Supernova (Lunar Dawn mix)- Psychowave's Sunshine Reborn EP was out less than 2 years ago, but it seems like an eternity. I guess we have to start marking time as BE and AE, before and after Etnica. The original version was very good, and Lunar Dawn's take is more on the trancey side to start, but quickly begins to pile on the layers. However it seemed unfinished like it ran outta gas and just said, "Aw f*ck it..."


Acid Sunshine (2012 edit)- Like the rest of you I'm looking forward to the debut of Arronax as here he teams up with Weedran (whoever that is). This works like chocolate and peanut butter as it goes from screeching to pulsating and sometimes both. Sounding very old-school the acid threatens to boil over.


Organic Elements- Sasa is a guy that makes music that is supremely psychedelic. Check out his latest album Dreamtime for a massive trip. Teaming up with Hotep, this track actually sounds like it's breathing. He lets loose with a spiraling melody that springs to life. Very nice acidic goa. Bravo.


Mass Extinction- You didn't think he wouldn't slide a track of his own in here did you? With a symphonic and dark beginning it sounds like the orc army putting in some work. Churning with epic trance melodies, I enjoyed the give and take between dark and light.


Zeta Leporis- Daniel's last two albums Stargazing and Human History were nothing short of spectacular. The way he introduces melodies is impressive as this beast screams goa. Let the stacking begin! It's like having a front row seat to the explosion of the sun.



Totoro- I recall Javi from the Aural Exciter showing great promise. These guys are like the Chang and Eng of goa trance. This one has old-school growl with new production. Bubbling and frothing it seems to keep reaching new heights. Strikingly good.



Fraktal Diving- This is another project that has just released his debut. He's got the nitzho kick front and center and damn if he doesn't out Agneton Agneton. Not to reveal my nerdly history, but he just carved you up with a +5 flaming broadsword. Thick and lush the melodies race and the mystical quotient on this one is high. This guy's already got his hand in my wallet.


I didn't say stop.



Wow, the first half of this compilation was really excellent. Time for an intermission. I'm feeling a little tubby and soft. Maybe I should run around the house a few times, get the blood pumping. Some type of exercise.




*checks to see when this class is scheduled at gym* This is what I've been avoiding? Idiot.



The second half of the compilation is comprised of artists who may be less familiar.


Ouroboros- This is my favorite track thus far from this artist. He gives a little and then pulls back. The lead roars after the break taking the paint off the walls and you just know he's setting you up. The final bit is a bull in a china shop that takes no prisoners.




"Yeah, ummm....this sh*t was like this when I got here."


Arc Prime (White)- What message would we want to receive from the aliens? We mean you know harm? F*ck that give me the powerball numbers. This is a good track that explodes out of the break. Not that complex yet effective.


Spiritual- Now this one I really like. Layers pile on with reckless abandon spinning me higher through the clouds. There are moments where you're entranced and time melts away as the melodies unfurl right before the eyes.


Creation of the moon- Ephedra has been around the block and it shows. The soft lead in the beginning reminds me of some x-files goodness as the pads mourn...or warn.


Muona- This one isn't as strong as some of the others. Not to say it's filler (ok it kinda is), but it just didn't grab me. The female vocal chant is ok, but the rest?




Salieri said there were too many notes.





Angular Pulsation- I'm sorry is it 1996 up in here? C'mon, I just wrinkled my flannel the way I like it. The lead rolls like Transwave came back and do you hear that snare? This has growl as he starts to twist the knobs amidst growing layers. Good stuff.


Dirty Oxygen- I think we found the weak link on this goa train. You can't just say dirty oxygen over and over with nary a change in the music. And no, the key change doesn't count. Kate Moss.


The Journey- "This is a journey into sound."




Not that one. Hold up...*Grabs hairbrush*

"If he ev-er hurts you, true love won't de-sert you!"


Not that journey, but an old school one. One that barks that 303 bite. No full on bass lines here, just intelligent production that has the mind trying to focus on all the good stuff. The main melody is trancey and light hearted, but it's the supporting cast of sounds that I really like. At times simple, but not cheesy. Welcome back sir, you were missed.


Algae Forest- This track is more playful, but no less melodic. Think of it like a little brother to the big boys. Forestlike? Yep, but without the darkness. No trolls just hobbits


Trip Through- Closing things down is mega talent Crossing Mind whose two albums The Inner Shift and Holographic Paradigm stand near the top of goa mountain. He's an old schooler with new school sensibilities twirling eerie melodies like cotton candy. The mid tempo swagger works wonderfully while sound erupt like fireworks. If electricity could bubble this is what it would sound like.


What an awesome compilation. Seems like its release date would never get here. I'm literally standing on the corner attempting to throw money at you. Why won't you take my money? There is a great mixture of titans and newbies on this compilation with a lot of styles represented. I'm seeing a predominance of Balkan talent (surprise surprise) which begs the question...should Israelis even make goa anymore? If I'm being honest and I always am, the middle of the compilation has some weaker moments and cannot maintain the tornado like energy of the opening few. But that's to be expected. During my insanity workouts I start off strong (no really, I do), but in the middle I'm trying to suck all the oxygen out of the room. I finish strong cause I know the f*cking thing is over. Hard to sustain the magic for 20 tracks, but kudos to Renato for putting this together. It sounds great just like other releases from the label. Special mention goes to Ivan Richpa for that fabulous cover.


Great job sir I cannot wait to get my copy.







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This release is freakin Epic! So many good tracks and not many i would call filler! If you like goa and neo goa you should definitely pick this up. Well done Nova Fractal :) Now about your next album.. :P

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Yes, awesome compilation! How great is it that we've had 4 newschool compilations from 4 different labels already in 2013? Not to mention the compilations from Hado and Neogoa end of last year. Newschool is alive and kicking!

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It's great thing to see this scene going in this direction with strong competition (even Neogoa doesn't have real competition on free Goa trance scene since the absence of UAF, but bird told me that Goa Overdose 3 is coming soon and we will work toghether again on Future Architecture aswell, for the end of 2013).

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Very nice compilation, true goa music straight from the heart!!!! 10/10


Highlight : Asirion!!!, i remember enjoying his track not so long ago on some other compilation, this one packs a punch as well. his production has that unique touch just like artifact303 . good stuff

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