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Open Source Zombie - collaborative film project


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"Trailer" short version:

"Trailer" long:

Open Source Zombie is an online collaborative zombie project that is in development. It is very unique as the zombies are based more on science thus making the film very intense. For example to avoid pseudoscience and superstitions our zombies are: alive (thus need food / oxygen / don't need a head shot to die), don't eat other humans (unless necessary), are infected with parasitic worms that make the human hosts sexually active to spread the disease, the zombification takes weeks / months / years not some overnight event, but slowly it starts affecting whole of humanity so that large institutions fail and starvation looms. Insanity takes over, starvation, radicalism, militant despotism,... these attributes take over as societies fail, and those who are not infected try to gain power and fight the parasitically infected humans. The director has previously made a travel documentary to North Korea. The parasites are based on real life parasites that infect snails, and turn them into zombies by secreting chemicals, and eating the snails nervous system. There are also quite a few worms living in human, and it is a fact estimated by the World Health Organization that around 10% of humanity at any given time suffer from parasitic worm diseases.

We will be looking for writers, film makers, musicians, etc. to complete the project! Like Iron Sky vs. Youtube's Day In A Life, except fucked up zombi shit! No, the trailers are NOT going to be in the actual film!

FINLAND / UK (however there will be many more than us)

Director / Editor - Kaarle Kulvik (since 2001 in making media)

DOP - Vesa Rajala (head of a small TV channel in Finland)

Sound design / music - Tuukka Sarkki (making music since 1995 black metal / dark electronica / techno)

Kickstarter pages for lots of information:

Making of:

Contact Kaarle Kulvik http://www.gilgamint.com COMPUTER GUY

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