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Hey guys,

Here is a new set for you to enjoy and kick-start your weekend
Style is Full On Psychedelic Trance
Feel free to leave me some feedback here or on soundcloud.
1. Loud - All Rights Reversed (Avalon Remix)
2. Patchbay & Yage & Cosmos Vibration - Patagonia
3. Altruism - Beyond Illusion
4. Avalon Vs. Dickster - Into the New World (Sonic Species Remix)
5. Altruism - Intera
6. 2012 vs Ital - Technical Problem
7. Gido & Triphonic - Multi Dimension Reality (featuring Triphonic)
8. Hyperion - Break it Bad
9. Predators - Mystery Signals
10. Avalon - Play it Bahia
11. Zen Mechanics Vs Headroom - CBR (S-Range Remix)
12. Ital - Piedra De Luna
13. Gesh - Koru
14. Rinkadink - Control the Future
15. Aphid Moon - Go For Orbit
16. Wrecked Machines Vs. Panick - Spotless Mind
17. Aphid Moon & Helios - Sugar Cubes
18. Laughing Budddha - Threadone
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