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Hallucinogen & Lucas / Loud - Pipeworm / 303 Tool EP


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Artist: Loud / Loud & Domestic

Title: Pipeworm / 303 Tool EP

Label: TIP Records

Date: January, 2013


1. Pipeworm (Loud &Domestic Remix)

2. 303 Tool - Loud


"The words mana from heaven actually means mushrooms from heaven."






Mushrooms make everything better.



Ahh...the first review of a new year. It's like virgin snow or, well...a virgin. Thanks to the Artist News and Labels Announcements forum this caught my attention. And what we have here is something quite psychedelic. Loud (Israeli duo Eitan Reiter & Kobi Toledano) & Domestic (Ido Ophir) take on a track from the legendary Simon Posford that first appeared on the 2006 compilation God Save the Machine. Beatport says it was made in 2009, but how could that be if it's on a compilation from 3 years earlier? Unless they were on some Marty McFly sh*t. It's pumping with deep bass drops and oscillating synth waves. Sonic manipulation and tempo changes that makes you question just what was in that teacup that guy with the stupid f*cking hat gave you.


303 Tool features the revered instrument of the Gods, growling to life with a house like hi-hat and soul clap. It scratches that itch that seems to be just out of reach. Nice EP to start off the year.





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