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Etnica - Live In Athens 1996


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Artist: Etnica

Title: Live In Athens 1996

Label: DAT Records

Date: December, 2012

1. Intro
2. Plastic
3. Floating Universe
4. Antidote (Etnica rmx) - Blue Planet Corporation
5. Nice Toys
6. Vimana
7. Lunar Civilization (Etnica rmx) - Crop Circles
8. Time Dilation (Etnica Morning mix) - Pleiadians
9. Mankind
10. Electric Shower
11. Rotating Fields
12. Fluorophilia Camps Bay
13. Blinded Moon
14. Jungle Trax (Etnica rmx) - Pleiadians
15. Mental Puzzle
16. Phthalic Vibes


You said Key.  Where do I start with this one? This is a release that thanks to label head Draeke had every goa trance fan salivating. Whether you call them Etnica, Pleiadians, or Crop Circles these Italians are legendary in this genre and arguably responsible for the greatest goa trance tracks ever. I.F.O...classic. Alien Protein...classic. Tetrahedron...you guessed it, classic. So thanks to an act of theft (some guy actually recorded their live set to DAT) we have one CD of their performance in Athens. So what do you get?

You have one disc with the recording of their live set in Athens in 1996 and another of unreleased goodies. The booklet contains a bunch of cool info about how this release came about and also the stories of the unreleased tracks. Highlights? They had to carry all their equipment with them to every show. Everything. What a pain in the ass. Now a pimply faced kid only needs to bring his Sony Vaio loaded with ProTools and he thinks he's Paul Van Dyk. Oh how the times have changed. As far as the artwork goes, I can take it or leave it, but one things for certain...you know it's Etnica when you see it.

Live In Athens 1996

Intro- This monumental release begins with an intro that they played during all their sets. Maybe to set the mood or to f*ck with the seriously stoned, I cannot say. It is what it is...a slow percussive intro. Now on to the good stuff.

Plastic- Plastic...


Ewww.  I wonder if silicone comes out when she blows her nose.  First thing I noticed when comparing it with the EP is that this version is almost 2 and a half minutes shorter. Seeing how this disc is partially mixed perhaps they took out the bits that might've slowed the momentum. Again, I wasn't in the room, but you've got that signature melody that builds like a tsunami so no worries. With a constant thump the sparkling acid flickers like they were using a blowtorch. I wasn't a fan of the transition into Floating Universe, but that's minor.


Floating Universe- Just an absolute stormer. Leads that are searching like the dendrites of an axon with lightning fingertips. There is no respite as it backs down in places and then regroups. You get the entire track that sounds great with the energy of a live wire.


Antidote (Etnica Remix)- We've all heard the Pleiadians remix of the BPC classic, but I've never heard this one before. It's got a nice bottom end complete with a growl that's just waiting to erupt. Let the knob twisting commence! And boy do they. Guttural and squelchy at times this one leaves scorch marks when the leads aren't getting all twisted up like a nasty DNA strand. At almost 11 minutes this one is quite the ride.


Nice Toys- This is another one I've never heard before. There is a reason this was released in time for the holidays.


Ouch.  Santa needs another AA meeting. 

Rest assured mine made it in time, so that above must've been the afterparty. More cloud bursting leads that twist and turn making the people below look like ants. Feel like the Silver Surfer as that bass growl is my surfboard. I wouldn't recognize the melody, but I sure do love the ride.


Vimana- Oh boy we're in the meat of things now aren't we? And that melody is like getting wrapped with barbed wire. So sparkly and spacious, my twisting controls have been on auto pilot for a good while now.


Lunar Civilization (Etnica Remix)- With a smooth transition we're onto the Etnica remix of a classic Crop Circles track and it doesn't take long for the twirling to begin again. THE melody comes in at 4 and a half minutes and the smile that you had to start has just been widened.


A happy smile doofus. Not like somebody just cornholed you.

It's a cluster of melodies from space thrown together in a shower of stardust. This is the holy grail people, this is what goa heads have been searching for.


Time Dilation (Etnica Morning Mix)- According to the booklet this track was built around a beautiful sample and you hear it right from the get go. At over 15 minutes I don't have to tell you this is the longer version and it's worth every second. That voice is heavenly and makes me think of an ethereal Lord of the Rings wispy vocal. But in space. It's a softer track (their words) and was only played during morning sets. Takes a while to get going and it builds along the way. Like the booklet said even though this one is not as aggressive, you can tell it is form the minds of Etnica.

Best of Unreleased


The bass and pads make this seem other worldy and like all their tracks it builds with each measure. Halfway through Mankind takes a storming posture as if daring you to look at it. The shimmering wall of color is there, probing, showing you the way. I like this one because while it's also big, it reveals the guts in places. Know what I mean? Like that drum n bass rhythm? So did they because they built the track around that.


Electric Shower- That would electrocute you...right? Might as well throw a toaster in the bathtub. Whoa whoa...don't do it yet. You gonna eat those pop tarts?

From 1998 this track marked a time when the way they made music had changed. They took a bunch of samples (From the first ever sample CDs) and put them together and well, manipulated the hell out of them. Hence, electric shower. It's noisy and not their usual layers of melody and probably my least favorite of both discs.


Rotating Fields- "Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? I ask that of all my prey?"

Made entirely by Maurizio in Milan in 1998 after their first trip together in Brazil it's an acidic chunky b*tch. Groovy with lots of effects he dedicated it to someone special at the time. Very psychedelic with the six million dollar man effect when he does something bionic. Remember that? Remember, remember when that was... *sigh* you kids weren't even alive.

It started off strongly, but lost steam on the way down. He mentioned that he wanted to make some changes but never got around to it.


Fluorophilia Camps Bay- Made in 1997 by Carlo and Maurizio in South Africa after they released I.F.O. it bubbles with intensity and finds its legs halfway through. Forest sounds or effects made to sound like the forest are present throughout. There is a lot going on while it surges and recedes. Pretty good track with numerous melody changes.


Blinded Moon-


Well no wonder it's a blinded moon, there's a f*cking muppet dancing on it. Based on a techno track (Trans Pact) back in 1997 this one is of a darker nature. But that said, it's very melodic to my ears with several leads and a true outer space vibe. This is great Etnica stuff with more shimmering synths and unfriendly extra terrestrial life. If this was on Alien Protein it wouldn't be out of place in my opinion.


Jungle Trax (Etnica Remix)- Ah a remix of the Pleiadians classic. According to the insert they used to make a bunch of different versions of a track (which probably means there is more gold in them thar hills!) and the main thing I notice about this one is that it doesn't have that key change found on the original. Which is good cause I didn't like that. Otherwise it's a churning track that seems to go on for awhile, wrapping you up in its spin. Sparks fly after 5 minutes culminating with a solid finish.


Mental Puzzle- Quite possibly the rarest of the rare this track was heavily damaged and required some serious restoration. Like if you peed all over the Mona Lisa I guess.


Not quite, but kid's got a future.

Made back in 95 it crushes the competition with its relentless pace and varied melodies while keeping true to the bubbling goa sound. 15 minutes. That's f*cking insane. Do you have any idea how many galaxies you can visit at light speed in 15 minutes?

Like...3 I guess. Sparkling, intense, and an old school gem to be sure. It seems unending with it's many spirals of sound and if I had to put it in layman's terms. This track is a Labrador retriever plowing a kid over in a flooded field.



Phthalic Vibes- Ah the final track in this unbelievable journey. And what a f*cking track it is. The last one composed by Etnica as a quartet it was meant to be released on a Fluorophilia album that never was. It's a killer with more bounce than a chick with double D's. Forceful and a fabulous way to end this trip.


Holy f*cking Cow. That was something else. I imagine this review is going to read more like a promo with correct English than a review, but what do you expect? It's Etnica from their golden goa period. Did you think Draeke was gonna waste his time uncovering turds? Work his ass off for something mediocre? I could've written this review in one word.



The vast majority of the tracks are stellar and what goa trance should be. Melodic, driving, trip inducing...It sounds great and a perfect way to close a chapter in goa history. Unless they have even more gems that they are waiting to release at a later date. Congratulations to these pioneers of the genre and congratulations to Draeke and his label for bringing these wonderful tracks to light.


DAT Records











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First of all a big thanks to that person who recorded the live act, then for DAT records. It's just divine :) right from the intro till the end, pure awesomeness. I wish someone would build a time machine and we could all go back and experience the live act. And about the unreleased material, well they deserved to be released :) lucky for us young one's that now is the time they got released.. "THANK U" :) a salute for ETNICA!!

P.S- I am so overjoyed and emotional that this is gonna be my first CD purchase.

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Super good from the beginning to the end... The Athen live RMX-CD is one of the best cds ever made! Plastic, Floating Universe, Vimana and Time Dilation Rmx are better then the original...! Which is rare for a remix cd! :) Goosebumps all over, they are Gods.

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The Vimana remix is out of this world! The only problem is that the bass somehow dissapears during the intense moments and I miss the extra punch. Otherwise the synths are not created by humans.


Etnica>any other music ever made

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First of all...thank you mr Draeke!




Anoebis: "The Athen live RMX-CD is one of the best cds ever made! Plastic, Floating Universe, Vimana and Time Dilation Rmx are better then the original...!"


The live-cd is a magical, enchanting trancendental experience, no doubt about it, but I do not agree with you Anoebis. Sometimes these liveversions are to undistinctive for me. Its just to much echo in some places, so the the "groundfoundation" of the tracks disappear, or have rather been overshadowed. A great example of that is Vimana. In my last gig here in Stockholm I played both Vimana liveversion and Mental Puzzle - and people usually going bananas to Vimana. But that "usual" climax didnt occur when I played the liveversion...Perhaps the echo ruined the big climax part for people, or perhaps are we swedes more sensetive to echoing effects ;) Its not that I dont like the liveversions but in my book the orginals are still superior. But im puzzled...I dont even know If this is my final conclusion - Im, at this moment, listening to Vimana live and Lunar live and they really scale bananas :)


I have to say somthing about Mental Puzzle aswell... I dont understand how Draeke could choose this. He would left the shooked version in the bin where it belongs ... Its to repetive, and to looong!


Just kidding. Mental Puzzle is so extremly...a lot of things. Psycedelic as hell, the melodies are weird and succeed each other in (how to bescribe it?)... a very divine way. One of Etnicas best ever! I think that if it were released 95 it would be a classic like Lepton Head or Mahadeva... And I mean classic in a way that extends beyond the limited "goafreak-community"

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Etnica: Live In Athens 1996

DAT Records




1. Intro
2. Plastic A
3. Floating Universe A
4. Antidote (Etnica rmx) - Blue Planet Corporation A
5. Nice Toys A
6. Vimana (Etnica Remix?) A
7. Lunar Civilization (Etnica rmx) - Crop Circles A
8. Time Dilation (Etnica Morning mix) - Pleiadians A-
9. Mankind A-
10. Electric Shower A-
11. Rotating Fields A-
12. Fluorophilia Camps Bay A
13. Blinded Moon A-
14. Jungle Trax (Etnica rmx) - Pleiadians B+
15. Mental Puzzle B+
16. Phthalic Vibes A


Etnica: Live In Athens 1996 is an outstanding release. Nearly every song I'd give an A- or an A to. This is one of the best releases of all time, and one of the biggest surprises in the history of Goatrance. I wish that this group still made music like this! Initially unreleased (how is that even possible?!), this double album was recorded live in the mid to late 90's. It showcases many wonderful tracks that I had not heard prior to this release.


Sold yet? Some of the best songs in electronic music are on this two-disc compilation from when Etnica A.K.A. Pleiadians were in their prime.


Gripes / Questions / Feedback - My question regards Vimana which is different from the Vimana song I have by Etnica on their EP 3 track here: http://www.discogs.com/Etnica-Plastic/release/76593

Did Etnica make two versions of Vimana? I suppose so. I like the other version more. Also, the second half of the album features less amazing work than the first half IMO, but it's still strong. Several tracks I find grow less desirable, somewhat repetitive, impressive. These songs include: Jungle Trax and Mental Puzzle that at least include some solid elements.

To Dreake/DAT Records and Etnica/Pleiadians: Thank you so much for releasing this amazing, underrated gem in Goatrance. We love it. Pleiadian's earlier sound was (and still is) delicious and absorbing, at times the level of imagination, sound selection, arrangement, mixing, and overall direction and addictive sound produced in the brain is unparalleled (for many!).

Personally, I think the artists should make a real GOA sequel to Etnica or Pleiadians if they have the vision, passion, and interest. There are numerous labels who would release it. Dat Records. Suntrip. The impression I get though is that these guys have moved on from Goa and are no longer a group, save the few Etnica guys who remained. These artists raised the bar on the most elaborate genre in uptempo music. Creating songs like this is a spiritual gift. You don't just lose it. It's inherent. I wish somehow the artist(s) most influential with this work would say YES out of passion, excitement and heart, for all the fans. Whether we see that day or never, this is a fantastic album.

There are tracks here that top several songs on I.F.O. and vice-versa. Etnica/Pleiadians best albums in Goa-Trance are I.F.O. and LIVE IN ATHENS.

I also realize this is subjective, but there's only around 5 Goatrance albums I've ever given a solid A to, to date. Many have come close (to me) of course, and many I consider classics not listed below.

- Pleiadians: I.F.O.

- Hallucinogen: Twisted

- Etnica: Live In Athens 1996

- Filteria: Daze Of Our Lives

- Hallucinogen: The Lone Deranger

Etnica: Live In Athens 1996 is highly recommended! For Goa fans this is a must!


Favorite tracks: Are you serious? This is a must buy album for every Goa Trance fan out there.









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Thank you sincerely for all the awesome words you said in this review section, it makes me very happy and proud of my work. Keep on dreaming folks, as much as I try to do! Mental Puzzle was a track I have been dreaming on finding first of all and then when I finally did, I couldn't think of anything more important that finding a way to release it. I love every second of the CD and was really hard to make it a solid release but sales and comments proved me right. Grazie Mille a tutti!!

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i got it today and have just listened to the first cd the first time (with headphones). and i've come to the realization that an album review is pointless. this is not music, it's a drug, so a trip report would be more appropriate. it's not as warm and fluffy as transdimensional, but very bit as strong. i'm still feeling the afterglow, but anyway onward to the second dose... ahem... cd :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

All in all, this is one of the absolute best releases ever for me. Not only the music is at the pinnacle but also the booklet and artwork on it are just bafflingly good. I've been addicted to this so hard that I didn't listen to anything else, anything at all for two full months. There is not one track here that is mediocre but every single one of them fits flawlessly into a bigger perspective on goa trance, something that truly transcends itself. Some of the unreleased tracks are so unbelievably relentless in their melodic onslaught, you'll only believe it when you hear it. The best music ever made. Thank you Etnica/Pleiadians and thank you Draeke for getting this out to the masses!

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The first time I was listening to this in headphones I had to take them off and get my girlfriend to listen, i was that excited.. She doesn't even know goa really, haha..


Anyway this is the best release for me in a lonnnng time, so thank you so much Draeke and anyone who helped make this happen! For me it represents a high water mark in the lifetime of goa trance..perfect. <3

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You know, sometimes I wonder why new school doesn't use sounds like Etnica and Pleiadians did, little do I realize, there's plenty enough without them. This album is total insanity and a goa collection without it is not a complete one!

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You know, sometimes I wonder why new school doesn't use sounds like Etnica and Pleiadians did, little do I realize, there's plenty enough without them. This album is total insanity and a goa collection without it is not a complete one!

+1 cant agree more :)
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This is timeless music. It's almost 20 years and still sounds so fresh. The Live CD might be the best piece of music human kind has ever witnessed. I will never forget the first time I heard Plastic around 5.50. Goosebumps, smiles and breathtaking. And the way the tracks switches between them is simply amazing. Just listen between Vimana and Lunar Civilization. That's what a liveset should be like (taking notes for myself). There is a not a single boring second here.


I have to add that since i've been making music myself for some years that the mysticism and magic is somehow gone when you have the knowledge how the sounds and tricks are created in trance music (speaking generally). For the first time in years I am amazed again and feel clueless when I hear those sounds in Plastic or how this liveset is build in general. There is simply so much more to explore :)


I would have given a left arm to be there that night and witness this liveset. Too bad I was just 13 then :P

A true inspirational piece of music! Get it! GET IT!!!!

Thank you Etnica..

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Time dilation = such an mazing track. Leaves me speechless, with goosebumps every time. Best by far on this album.


What Filteria said - the way these tracks are mixed is absolutely incredible. It's just on another level completely. Why, oh God why did these guys have to lose the plot so utterly? How can we bring them back?

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Today some copies came back in stock at DAT, for whoever missed the CD, it was sold out here but now it's available again, for whoever wanted to get it on original CD :)

Oh and it can be combined with the 3LP version, that is still available from DAT. Cheers!

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Coincidence! Ordered it from Psyshop few days ago.

Saw Etnica last week at Fractal Gate and it was so good that I just have to have this live cd. :)

You won't be dissapointed. I listen to this cd sooo much, and I can't stop loving it. Top 10 best EVER cds for me :)

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Time Dilation (Etnica Morning Mix)- According to the booklet this track was built around a beautiful sample and you hear it right from the get go.



It disgusts me to use something so recycled. The sample is discussed here, scroll down..https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/60002-the-official-psynews-welcomed-topic/page-6

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LMAO! So everything in your everyday life is invented by you?? Is it? No.


Recycling is everywhere. We just use it to our convenience and try give it our own touch. Do not overreact.


Appreciate the talent which turned that sample into a beautiful track that "Time Dilation" is.


This track can beat the shit out of half the nonsense that's out there these days.


Why only consider the samples? Why not the drum/kick patterns and synths lines and everything as well. If you want to follow your thinking. You would have to give up artists such as Filteria, Morphic Resonance and countless others who were INSPIRED by ETNICA and then went on to use their sound with their own twist to give us more amazing music. And for sure Filteria doesn't disgust me or anyone of the Goa lovers for doing that I guess.

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