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Blue Lunar Monkey - Here & Now


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Artist: Blue Lunar Monkey

Title: Here & Now

Label: Tycho Records

Date: April, 2011


1. Anahatha
2. Oneness
3. Guerreros Arcoirirs (feat. Deva Sofia, Rupesh Anand)
4. Two Vines (Ayahuasca)
5. We are connected (feat. Wendy Stock)
6. Metta
7. You're not alone (feat. Wendy Stock)
8. Dissolution
9. Here and Now (Ethernal rmx)


"You see we all know what reality is, but we cannot describe it."


Reality is two kids that want your attention 24-7. A Jeep that works when it wants to and a dryer that doesn't. Reality is having me and my daughter puke our guts out and then next night having my wife and son take their turn. When the dryer doesn't work and kids are puking things get real. I could use a little unreality.


Now here's one that probably flew under a lot of people's radar. Daniel Gradilla from Mexico has released one of the most relaxing albums I've heard in a while. This is chock full of soft melodies and gentle percussion. Dubby bass and real world instruments are all over this thing while samples speak of the mind and reality. This is sit on the beach and watch the tide roll in type music. It's slow pace and head nodding goodness will give you that Calgon take me away feeling. Most of the tracks are fairly long allowing plenty of new leads and melodies to take shape. The light strum of a guitar and sounds of nature are extremely calming.











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