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Mindwave - Enlightenment EP

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Artist: Mindwave

Title: Enlightenment EP

Label: Iono Music

Date: October, 2012


1. Enlightenment

2. Surreal

3. Somnium


The geniuses at Iono very rarely stumble so it was with pleasure that I picked this up. Mindwave is Israeli Anton Maiko who has released 3 albums.


Haven't heard a one, but that's going to change. Enlightenment is a smooth progressive rumbler with an ethereal vocal touch and long, distant melodies. Surreal doesn't present anything flashy, just a quality dream experience that is very relaxing. Somnium borrows that same vocal from the opening track and adds a nice break producing more mellow vibes.


While not as melodic and deep as some of their releases, this one shouldn't disappoint progressive heads looking for a little downtime without dropping the bpm's below 130.


Give it a try.






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