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nanoocd033: Circuit Breakers - Fragmented Reality

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Artist: Circuit Breakers

Title: Fragmented Reality

Label: Nano Records

Cat no.: nanoocd033

Format: CD/Digital

Release Date: 23 January 2013


Track Listing :


1. High Roller

2. Imagine the Impossible

3. Hippies

4. Square Stomp

5. Congadroid

6. Lost in Luggage Space

7. We’re Not Alone

8. Strange Effect

9. Commies


Buy on Beatport: www.beatport.com/release/fragmented-reality/1027847

Nano on Facebook: www.facebook.com/nanorecords

Circuit Breakers on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Circuit-Breakers/138880899493608?fref=ts



Circuit Breakers have been sending dance floors into a frenzy with their energy-filled deep psychedelic sets around the world. Their debut album; ‘Fragmented Reality’ is nothing short of a trip beyond the moon and back; but what else would you expect from two of Psy Trance's most respected and talented artists; Dickster and Burn In Noise? 'Fragmented Reality' is full of driving basslines, acid drenched soaring leads and cheeky samples like only these naughty knights can do!

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