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Ziptnf - Artificial Nature [progressive house/trance/psytrance]


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Before you start reading, let's clear up the genre tag in the title. This mix showcases a sound that actually combines the three genres listed above, featuring a hybrid of all the sound structures that make up house, trance, and psytrance. This mix stays steady and never exceeds 128 BPM, and I focus on creating a set of the most interesting and accessible electronic music. Lots of groovy, funky, tasty progressive tunes in this one. Enjoy!

Human Element - Chain Reaction [Digital Structures]

Rhythm Nectar - The Transition [synergetic]

Rhythm Nectar - Fine Taste [Nuuktal]

Pion & Vertex - Sunrise Tonic (Liquid Soul Remix) [iboga]

Kaempfer & Dietze - Shear Force (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) [iono]

Interactive Noise - Learning to Fly [spin Twist]

Human Element - BeingIn [Mikrokosmos]

Elmute - Atmostrange (Perfect Stranger Remix) [ODN]

Klopfgeister - Meanwhile in Hamburg [spin Twist]

White Resonance - Lady Mistique [uxmal]

Magestic12 - Perfect Sexuality (Neon Remix) [synergetic]

Simply Wave - For the 80's [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]

Hoffman & Cyrus - Homework [iboga]

J&B Project - Heavy Prophet (Sensual Squeak Remix) [Cherry Pickers]

Bakke - Millstone (Paulina Cewe Remix) [Echoes]

Vertex - Smooth By (Sideform Remix) [Nuuktal]

Stratil & White Resonance - Move On [uxmal]

Soniq Vision - Special Universe [Planet B.E.N]

Freq & Nyquist - Skyline [Goa Crops]

Dunkan - Destination for Summer [shah-Music]

Picture credit to lindelokse

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