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Argaman - Living in a Bubble (Fairy Tales Records)

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Argaman - Living in a Bubble 2XCD (FairyTales Records)


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Argaman's second album release, "Living In A Bubble", is a split personality; a double-length collection of tracks with two very distinctive moods and objectives.


"Day" is a childish foray to the outer edges of music, exploring funky tones, swelling crescendos and moments ranging from the psychedelically spicy to the thick, harsh and funky. There is a rich background consistency in the sound production, with an eye for clarity and attention to detail which Argaman is known for, it takes you into multiple horizons of music theory.


The second half of this album, "Night", takes a much different approach to the Argaman sound, reflecting expressions different, exotic, and new while losing none of the sonic integrity or artistic mastery from the first half. Here, Argaman's ideas seem a lot mor ephemeral. Wailing lullaby meets effervescent debauchery in the music, celebrating tranquil reflection, raucous shenanigans, and somber atmospheres. The grand finale, a 15 minute arrangement of soundsvhewn from the essence of post-midnight, encapsulates this nocturnal intent seamlessly. Axis Mundi







"To my kick starter friends,HUGE thanks for your support, thanks to you this project can be realized and released. I wish that you and I can burst the bubble, open our eyes and connect to what is real, creating a new world and reality of happiness, each with our own unique talent and character." Thanks

Itai Argaman







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~ LISTEN to samples>> HERE << ~









1. Leaving the Forest

2. Turn on the Music Box

3. Raise the Sail Old Man

4. Life in the Pocket

5. Honey I'm Home

6. Walk on Your Way

7. Flowers in the Desert

8. Circus of the Unknown

9. Dream Come Through

10. Pink Love Is All Around

11. Awake to the New






1. The Torch

2. Good Old Times

3. Living in a Bubble

4. Sweet, Old, Purple Dreams

5. The Jewish Robot

6. Take Me to the Tunnel

7. Out-O-Tune Squares

8. Never Ending

9. The End of the End

10. When the Sun Came Out




11. The Silence 2.0 ( 15:22 mins)




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