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PharaOm - Cellar Door Remixes EP (Neogoa, January 2013) FREE RELEASE

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Richpa    897


Artist: PharaOm
Album: Cellar Door Remixes EP
Label: Neogoa
Format: Digital
Style: Psychedelic, Goa Trance
Date: January 2013


01 - PharaOm - Cellar Door (Sunbeam Genesis Remix)
02 - PharaOm - Cellar Door (Whirlin Merlin Remix)
03 - PharaOm - Cellar Door (Imba Remix)
04 - PharaOm - Cellar Door II (Bonus Track)

* all tracks are written and produced by Oswald Pfeiffer (France), remix #01 by Casper Christiansen (Denmark), remix #02 by Richard Meade (UK), remix #03 by Nikola Petrovic (Serbia).

Samples: Coming Soon


Bonus track from EP 'Cellar Door Part II' is available for FREE DOWNLOAD now, but hurry up, it's only limited to 100 download slots. You can grab 320 MP3 version here: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/pharaom-cellar-door-ii-free

More info and links:


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Padmapani    377

awsome cover! this is going to be nice. cellar door imho is the best pharaom track.

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