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Electric Universe - Solstice EP


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Artist: Electric Universe

Title: Solstice EP

Label: Electric Universe Records

Date: December, 2012


1.Cosmic Network

2. Spacetime Continuum

3. Psystep (Psychedelic Edit)


"Breakthroughs in physics have forced and continue to force dramatic revisions to our conception of the cosmos."



I've always had a soft spot for Electric Universe even when he was releasing crap like Higher Modes. I keep hoping that he will rediscover his ability to craft masterpieces like Cosmic Experience, but lo that was almost 9 years ago so...yep hopes are dimming. But I love a good comeback story. And it is with that spirit that I decided to listen to his latest EP. It's got lots of lasers with tight production he's known for as well as buckets of acid. So he's got that going for him.


Cosmic Network was typical EU full on that wasn't bad until that God awful build up. Spacetime was a treat harkening back to his glory days when he wielded a mighty 303 hammer and perhaps my dreams were soon to be realized. Alas the goa energy couldn't (or wouldn't) be maintained as it devolved into adequate full-on. The Psychedelic Edit of Psystep is a moderately short blast of acid only marred by the inevitable build up.


So again I'm only able to give a grade of incomplete. He showed flashes of his former brilliance, but unfortunately it was mired in the full-on style he finds himself in. Don't get me wrong, his brand of full-on isn't terrible, but we've heard the same thing for the past 4 or 5 albums now. And you want to charge $7.50 for this? I don't think so.


Time for a refresher methinks.






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