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Procs - Touchdown In Hizzytown (LTRCD004, Lost Theory Records)

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Seven years ago many psychedelic minded people heard of Procs for the first time. Mikael Stegman delivered us the album “Stuck In The Oven With Me”, an interesting combination of dark psytrance and strange soundscapes with a sense of peculiar humor. It had some weak moments, but nonetheless a unique sound was born. Its successor “The Lonely Land Of Tada” gave us a perfected sound with beautiful jazzy influences. Many psychonauts spoke of an instant classic. Now the expectations are high; after four years of crafting his sound we sit back, relax, push play and embark on our journey together with our Swedish friend.


The album starts off with an intro that sounds as if Mikael treats us to a psychedelic soup. But then the rollercoaster takes off, with a worn-out wooden cart into a decayed Disneyland that is taken over by eerie creatures. A strange but beautiful place. In the same amusement park we also end up in the haunted house during “Hizzy In The Dead”. But before we get to that we first visit a curious jazz club during “Charlestoned In Dixieland”, where creatures of the dark play wicked jazzy tunes. This is how Procs brings us to a different place with every new passage. I could keep on writing about all the places that I visited, but that would only influence your trip while listening to “Touchdown In Hizzytown”. And everyone has to make their own trip. I for one am curious where you will all end up.


There is not much to criticize, especially for those who like their music to be PSYCHEDELIC with capitals. If you like forest tunes or just psychedelic music in general and if you are open minded with a lot of imagination, then this is your album of the year. I am going out to buy some copies now. My best friends already know what they will be getting this year for Christmas: psychedelic candy!



Review by Kristof van Acker (kristofvanacker@gmail.com)




Online shops :

Beatspace : http://www.beatspace...own/detail.aspx

Saiko Sounds : http://www.saikosoun...ase.asp?id=9192

Psyshop : http://www.psyshop.c.../ltr1cd004.html

Goastore : http://www.goastore....-hizzytown.html



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Artist: Procs

Release: Touchdown In Hizzytown

Year: 2012

Label: Lost Theory Records

Cat-#: LTRCD004

Rating: 4/5



1) Quirky Douglas

2) Charlestoned In Dixieland

3) Experiment In Error

4) Totem Treck

5) Human Touchdown

6) Hizzy In The Dead

7) Bop The Bee

8) Twinkle The Vinkel

9) Cotton Candy Wipeout


Procs got his own style of complete bonkers psychedelia. I tried The Lonely Land Of Tada but got completely run over, smashed and fragged. He has got so much shit going in that album that my head explodes, I should give it another few gos though because I never understood it the first times around.


This one is a lot more restrained and ordered but don't despair because the funk is still there, the madness is very much there. Mr Stegman certainly has a complete mental sense of humour. This stuff is bouncy flimsy and would work perfectly in a dark forest. Solid freakin' psychedelic album this!

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