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Mystic Mind - Sacred Frequency

Mystic Mind

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Hello everyone,


2012 was such a fantastic year for me musically speaking and I cant wait for 2013. This would be my last mix for the year. Hope you enjoy. Posted Image






1) Umit Han - An Einem Traurigen Morgen (Microtrauma Remix)

2) Letthemusicplay Feat. Utrb - Don't Weigh Me Down (Guy J Remix)

3) Mindlook - Drowned In The Mood (Original Mix)

4) Hartmut Kiss - Water games (Eelke Kleijn's vintage remix)

5) Lank, Zajac - juice box (Rodskeex remix)

6) hernan cattaneo and soundexile - sonification (remix)

7) Koreless - Lost in Tokyo (Andy Arias Jam Mix)

8- Xplore - Dark City (Paul Lennar RMX)

9) Doomwork - Behind the Interface (Original Mix)

10) Human8 - who wants some pizza (lanks Quatro remix)

11) Yunta - Perpetuum (dpen remix)

12) Rich Curtis - Hearts & Minds (Santiago Garcia remix)

13) Hector Sawiak - Weird

14) Kay-D - My dreams (dark soul project remix)

15) Filterheadz - three actions (original mix)

16) Joe Kendut - Complex (original mix)



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