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Ziptnf - Fractal Geometry [high-tech psytrance]

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ziptnf    7

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This mix is definitely my strongest effort in showcasing the most complex psytrance I could find with the maximum level of energy possible. I listened to and sorted through thousands of tracks to prepare for this mix; the artists I selected are far and above the best producers of full-power psytrance. To finish out the year, I'm laying the hammer down with my most intense mix yet.


Biogenesis - Funk-Daddy Brakes [Nutek]

Freeze & Punchline - Electrical Signals [Nutek]

Vibraddict & Sycmos - Up & Down [b.A.B.A]

Underbeat & Masticate - Elephant [DNA]

Bliss - Stay Sharp [Nutek]

CPU & Biogenesis - BreakBots [Nutek]

Dapanji & Mystical Complex & Programind - Bass Download [Phantasm]

Brain Driver & Jaws Underground - Next Generation [infractive Digital]

Damage vs Wired - Fight The Aliens [Terror Lab]

Azax Syndrom & Dapanji - Wake Me Up [Drive]

Brainwash & Magneto - I Have a Voice [Fractal]

BPM - Dancefloor Demolition Squad [Geomagnetic]

Brainwash - The Rebel [Fractal]

Iron Madness & Dapanji - Radio Head [biomechanix]


Ziptnf - Fractal Geometry (1:06:38) 153MB ~320kbps


Play it loud, folks. Thanks for all the support for the past 4 years! Not stopping anytime soon! :D

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technosomy    280

nice one mate your mixes are great, i listen to them at work early in the morning quite often, and they always kick my day off


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ziptnf    7

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like them. Anyone else take a listen?

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