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Tryon - The Source EP


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Artist: Tryon

Title: The Source EP

Label: Kaos Krew Records

Date: October, 2012


1. Noise Freak - Tryon Vs. Digital Talk

2. The Void - Tryon Vs. Mindcore

3. The Flame


"Keep on doing what you've always done. Keep on being what you've always been."


Oh yeah...now we're talking.


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Telmo gets it. Take a thumping beat, drench in acid and repeat. Why is this so hard for some? He's not here to weave a complex tale dissecting the intricacies of our existence. His goal is to make you get up and dance with a sledgehammer combination of lasers and acid. His style drives in the fast lane where your grandma insists on staying with the right blinker on. If you're in his way well, you've got another grandma right?


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"Oh thank you young man. I-I-I don't know who he was, but he was one of those foreign fellas. Probably in the Taliban. Did you know they make their women wear potato sacks?


I don't. Both died of cancer, but let's be honest it would be much cooler to go with smoking acid marks on your back.


His collaboration with Digital Talk is my favorite as it is unrelenting and super rhythmic. He's got this ability to use a sample that is clear, but sounds far away. Adds to the mayhem for me.


If you're a fan of the high tech acid heavy style consider this recommended.






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