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"V/A - Sonic Alchemy Chapter II"


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Artist: Various

Title: Sonic Alchemy Chapter II

Label: Sonic Motion Records

Date: October, 2012


1. Technology - Outer Signal

2. Impulses Reimagined - Deeper In Zen

3. Eureka - Yurika


Sonic Motion Records is back at it again with the 2nd chapter of...ah, you can read. The name sounded familiar so I went back and "re-discovered" that I had actually reviewed the 1st chapter here. And after reading what I had written I'm still uncertain whether I liked it or not. Well I must not have liked it enough to keep it cause I no longer have it.


Compiled by Atyss again (whose latest release Luxe In Nocte also befuddled me) he offers 3 tracks in the same night full-on style. Outer Signal makes a track that reminds me of California Sunshine with guitar in a prominent role, but I listened to it anyway. I came away with a definite feeling.


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Hardware that is effective and delicious? Yes please.


Impulses Reimagined- I've always liked Mr. Brian's music, but his persistent thumping and warbling on this track left me indifferent. Nothing really to discover, just temple pounding.


Eureka- Hey look, the track name sounds like the artist, but it's spelled differently. That's called a heterograph. Like their and they're. You and ewe. How many can you name? I'm serious because that holds my interest better than this track.


Sonic Motion I'm disappointed. This was fairly benign without any of your usual characteristic bombast. Maybe you should stop with the EP's and just focus on compilation work. I don't know the answer, oh wait yes I do.


Get better tracks.







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