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Menog - I See Change EP


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Artist: Menog

Title: I See Change EP

Label: Spectral Records

Date: April, 2012


1. I See Change

2. Revolution of Consciousness feat. Absolum

3. Make The Change


"Fire...our first true piece of technology. Fire."


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And it all leads up to this moment brought to you by disappointed redneck parents everywhere.


Lot of talk about change lately. Change the tax code, change your lifestyle and eating habits (RIP Twinkie). It's even hit close to home. Had to get rid of my previous research assistant due to ahem, certain litigation so breaking in the new meat has been a very exhaustive process.


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"I said three sugars! Three!! We are going to be here all night till you get it right! You think I like this?"


Tough job, but someone has to do it.


Our friend Daniel Bernardo from Portugal is back with a 3 track EP and I for one am eager to hear it. This fool has been holding it down since 2005 (yeah I know his debut was in 2003, but it was terrible) and is one of the godfathers of the twilight music genre. He brings more of what he's good at, moody and dark hi-tech psy that is sure to get the dance floor moving. The title track isn't bad, but it's merely an introduction to what's to come. Looky looky who he's teamed up with for track 2. My favorite twilight artist Absolum (still waiting for next album) and you can't miss his sound with this one. These guys ain't strangers if you recall 2008's Basic Survival Instinct as that one left a mark not unlike a blowtorch. It delivers power and mayhem that erupts like a 3 hour hand job. Make the Change is the second best track on the EP IMO with a good sample about technology and ambition. It's not bad at all, but let's face it Absolum could probably make my music sound good and all I know how to do is beat box.


Good stuff.





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