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M-Run - Some Run Just For Fun

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Penzoline    337

Damn it's been almost 4 years since this was released and I haven't said anything except voice my disappointment in the sound compared to Erta Ale?


I feel like I need to apologize. It took me time but I got over that, kind of.


There is some absolutely fantastic music in this album. The first three are not my favourites but still good on their own terms. The first track is not my cup of tea, maybe it's the slower pace, maybe it's repeating itself too much. Ethereal Resonator has really lovely leads and a groovey sound to it. I like the samples in Cognitive Disorder and it's climax. However, what happens after that is, well, amazeballs. One blasting maximal track after another. Absolute madness. Unlike anything released thus far, sounds, compositions. Alien Brain Train gives goat man a run for it's money. I just love that never-ending speed of light movement. Also, I wasn't expecting much from Twin sister but it is a totally worthy remix of Goat Man and abduction Phenomena has a lovely b-movie scifi feel to it. All of the 5 tracks just kick major buttocks. What else is impressing is there is actual work done on the ground level, the tracks can be groovy and the tracks e v o l v e and have a story. What sorcery!


I think what happened during the release was that the first three tracks weren't impressing me as much as I had hoped and the low from Erta Alé's high just destroyed me, too many emotions blinding what was actually absolutely stellar music.


A great, great album and I have no doubt the sequel, whenever that may be, will be another to impress. Especially considering the tracks he has been releasing lately. Let's keep running! Thank you.

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Goa-Head    77

I don't like the way tooooooooooooooo long voice speeches in this one.

But aside that I think this is another overlooked album due to saturated market and 'minority' label.

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acid-brain    105

Listening to this again the similarities with peak oldschool Etnica struck me, especially in the arrangements and peripheral sounds. Amazing goa album, one of the very best released in the last 10 years in my opinion. It's full of bouncy, funky energy, keeps catching you by surprise, and above all is a lot of fun to listen to.

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