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Egorythmia - Night Sight EP

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Artist: Egorythmia

Title: Night Sight EP

Label: Iono Music

Date: 15-10-2008

Style: Progressive Trance




1. Egorythmia - Night Sight

2. Egorythmia - We Can Fly


Most of you familiar with the finest progressive trance, will know Egorythmia. Here's a short 2 track EP from this Macedonian producer, containing the tracks Night Sight and We Can Fly.


Night Sight is a nice one. It has a very dark feel to it and the bass line remind me a bit of some Ectima tracks. Heavy, deep at the same time and certainly not the regular stuff we're used to hearing. Now I don't think this track is bad at all. But after hearing the Flegma & Nerso remix of it (on the remix album) it's kind of hard to say that the original is very special. I mean, the remixed track has such a good drive with stomping beats.. truly amazing. Just go ahead and listen to it yourself.


We Can Fly is my favorite from this EP. Every effect seems in place and to me it's probably one of Egortyhmia's best tracks. I remember hearing it at a party once, not long after I discovered this track. It was about 4 or 5 in the morning and the crowd went crazy. I can't blame them either. Hearing something like this on good speakers and in a wide open area really brings out the best of it. I noticed stuff I never even heard before.


Those of you who like there progressive deep, dark and powerful at the same time, will be right in their element with this EP.





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